Skype Free Download – The Many Lucrative Uses It Is Being Put To

Skype has been a true pioneer in free video conferencing technology and is widely used in many different industries today.

With Skype, you can make local and long distance audio or video calls and also initiate text conversations and messaging. The app is truly spectacular and offers cross platform support on several different devices and operating systems. Though there have been many other free calling apps that have subsequently entered into the market, but none has been able to match the video conferencing capabilities of Skype. Today, the app is being used in a variety of different contexts, which the makers of the app could never have envisaged.


In a recent news flash, it has been found that Skype is being used to conduct interviews of candidates situated remotely. The National Health Services in UK has recently planned to recruit trainees from India by interviewing them through Skype. They will be interviewing overseas medics and interns using video conferencing facilities, in order to save traveling time and money on traditional methods of communication or face-to-face interviews. This is proving to be a very beneficial venture.

Witness Events Remotely

In another recent news, a cardinal in Canada has broadcasted religious events occurring at the Vatican to students in Kitchener, Canada. The Toronto Cardinal, who was in Rome, attending an event in the Vatican, has not only relayed the ceremony and the event to the students, but also took time to converse with them over a Skype session. This shows that even the most famous of people can converse with those located remotely, to impart knowledge or make them a part of events that they would otherwise have missed. The students, in turn, felt gratified with this opportunity to be a part of such a revered event, and converse with a cardinal, who is considered an ‘out-of-reach’ personality by them.

Courtroom Appearances

A courtroom in Saipan has recently allowed experts to appear in the court through Skype and offer their expert opinion after examining some key evidence in a trial. This is another groundbreaking role of Skype in the meting out justice – something that developers of Skype would have never thought their product would be used for. This is a great way to allow experts and scientists, or witnesses and accused people who cannot come to the court, appear for trials. This will help the afflicted get speedier justice as courtrooms will no longer have to wait on witnesses, defenders and key experts to make themselves available. Absenteeism can no longer be an excuse, and justice will be served more swiftly. What more can a technology firm ask about their product.

Schedule Appointments

Doctors in several parts of the world have been allowing their patients to schedule appointments, and even get their medical advice or opinion through Skype sessions. So if you want to see a doctor, who does not live in your vicinity, or if you are too sick to visit your doctor personally, you can still have them examine you and give you their medical opinion through video conferencing on Skype.

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