Skype Free Now Has Two Million Users

Skype has recently announced in a blog post that they have achieved a major milestone for the Microsoft-owned software by finally achieving two million users.

In addition, they are very proud of this magnanimous achievement. Well, we on the consumer end are not surprised. Practically every single person on the planet who owns a computer has Skype installed in his or her device. Skype is a free communicating application that has a lot of great features. So, if you were any ordinary computer or Smartphone owner, why would you not install it?

It has also proved, over the years, how reliable it is as a program. The regular and continuous improvements in its system and features are great for all its users. New things are incorporated continually.

As posted in their blog, Skype shared, “We are thrilled that two million people from around the world have joined us to ask and answer questions, share stories and talk about Skype. In parenting, people often talk about the terrible twos, but in the Community, we are planning for the terrific twos because there is so much ahead to get excited about. We’re already shaping the future of Skype and we have no intention of stopping any time soon.”

All Ears for Customer Reviews

Skype is eager to hear from customers about their suggestions. They have idea boards open where creative minds could pitch in for them the services they would like to see from the instant messenger and video calling platform in the future. They are especially targeting to improve and enhance their Skype for Windows Desktop and Skype for Windows Phone. Following their decision to finally make group conference calls free for Windows, Mac and Xbox users (previously you had to pay for a subscription to avail of this service) Skype is gearing up for even more.

The Community and Ask Skype

Putting interactivity to a whole new level, Skype encourages users to participate in The Community and Ask Skype events. The Community is a great place for users to talk with Skype developers themselves about new releases and other issues. They can voice out their opinions there whether positive or negative, as well as air out the faults that they may find in the services Skype provides. Ask Skype is a one-hour live event for Skype program managers to address hot topics and issues burning in the minds of its users. Anyone can post their questions and concerns on either the Community board or Twitter with the hashtag #AskSkype, and Skype Support will make sure to assist them in their needs.

Two Million Users Hand in Hand

With now a very large following, Skype assures troubled to join in the Skype Community and rest assured fellow users could help them with their personal issues, problems and technical difficulties.

The future seems very bright for both Microsoft and Skype. As one of the long-runners of Voice-over-IP and instant messaging services, Skype has definitely come a long way ever since its release back in 2003. However, it seems that their journey is far from being over, as Skype assures its 2 million users that there are more updates and products in store for them. Recently, they have been hyping up the release of a new Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 that promises seamless calls and optimum convenience.

Skype is a living proof that customer-friendliness and listening to users’ feedback can definitely go a long way. Skype provides its services and products to customers all around the world with the intention of “Sharing Ideas, Breaking Boundaries.” Moreover, indeed, Skype has just broken through a very large boundary to start the month.

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