Skype or Viber – Find Out What Makes these Apps the Best in the Industry

Smartphone users and computer geeks regularly encounter Skype and Viber on a daily basis.

They have all these apps installed on their phones and they use each one at a time. But have you asked yourself how they settle for the VoIP app of their choice? Below are some of the factors that influence their choices.


Skype is the most popular voice calling application yet but Viber and other upcoming apps are giving Skype a run for its money. Most users have installed both Skype and Viber. The next friend that you ask is using both applications so why not jump into the bandwagon of exploiting all the features presented by these amazing voice calling apps.

Both Viber and Skype are free to some extent. While both apps are free to download and install, Viber offers free voice and video calls and instant messages enabling you to call anyone and everyone. Recently, Viber launched Viber Out international calls that will compete with Skype. Skype too offers premium calls to landlines and mobile phones away from what Viber offers.

Skype is more costly to operate than Viber because it consumes more data bundles when one uses the modem to connect computer compared to smartphone that uses mobile subscriber data bundles.


Skype is less mobile than Viber. Viber developers seem to have targeted it for mobile and it integrates well for mobile than on the desktop or the PC. On the other hand, Skype rules the computer call market. Its shortcoming is that it is bulky to transport computers from one place to another in order to chat via Skype. Skype seems to have failed to address the mobility issue in VoIP communication. However, more recently there is Skype for mobile platforms, which can as well execute the services offered by its mother app, but again at a cost, usually credits bought from the app’s website.


Without a doubt Skype is the most famous VoIP Company. Friends and family members recommend new users to start their voice and video calling journey with Skype. Some stick to Skype forever, while others diversify to Viber and other apps that offer this voice calling service.

Skype has over five times more users than Viber. A Skype user has over one billion new connections to hook up with. One reason for this huge margin of difference is that Viber is new to the market while Skype is an old timer. Time will tell if Viber will catch up with Skype or Skype will maintain the gap.

Quality Call

Skype offers higher quality voice and video calls than Viber by far since it uses High Definition (HD) technology and codecs. Viber trails Skype by far, but does not complain. This is one reason Skype has remained competitive in the VoIP offering apps industry.


Viber is only available within its network. Viber to Viber calls are offered free of charge (you only need to be connected to mobile data bundles or Wi-Fi). More recently, Viber launched Viber Out. This feature enables Viber users to call their International friends and family, whether they use Viber or not. Just like with Skype, this requires Viber users to purchase credits from Viber in order to call non-Viber users, regardless of their global location.

Skype, on the other hand offers free chats within its network. Skype is also linked to Microsoft since it merged with the latter. This means users of Windows, Hotmail and MSN are at the disposal of Skype users. Skype offers free Skype to Skype calls, whereas calling non-Skype users requires Skype credits.

Additional Features

Due to the decade-old age difference, Skype has amassed an array of unique software and hardware for its users while Viber is only coming up. Skype has tailored hardware including headsets, website cameras and microphones. It also supports call recording and advanced settings which even allow automatic configurations.

Viber investors are aware that they are new in the market and need to work extra hard to compete with Skype. So far the customer response is positive and with such goodwill the competition can only go one direction – up.


Both apps are worth installing and using. You will have to consider your preferences before settling on the one to use. Better still, you can use both.


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