Skype vs Viber – Free Download The Best Application

Many people who want to use VOIP to keep in touch with their friends from across the globe can’t decide upon the best application they should install on their devices, to make and to receive calls. Whether you’re a simple home user, or you own a company, you’ll need an application to help you on this matter and two of the recommendations would be Skype and Viber. But how do they stack against each other?


This application has been released initially 11 years ago and now it is used to sync contacts on Skype with contacts from other social networks such as Facebook. You can use your email address to link it to your Skype account and if you have a smartphone, there’s a mobile version you might want to try. There’s another tablet version and the popular desktop version, which is the best. You can make HD calls, and their quality can’t be achieved by any other program. To add a friend on Skype, you have to know his email address. Just type it into the search option and let Skype find out if that person has a Skype ID or not.


This program is newer and it became quickly one of the best VOIP call-making applications, having features with which can beat other competitors such as Skype. This application was first created for mobile phones running on Android and iOS and later, a desktop version was released to satisfy the other category of users. This is called Viber Desktop and it’s free. When registering with Viber, you will need to specify your phone number, in order to complete the process. This way, your contacts will see your phone number and you’ll automatically add a friend to your contacts in case he/she uses Viber. With Viber, you can make calls directly from your smartphone, which you’re not able to do on Skype. Plus, it has an excellent voice clarity quality.


Both of the applications are free and user-friendly, being available for desktop and mobile platforms, and have similar features, so it’s kind of difficult to pick the best program. Skype would be better because it has great functions and functions, but it doesn’t allow you to make calls from a mobile phone.

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