Skype vs. Viber – Who Rules the Free Calling Industry?

Ever since the VoIP industry began, Skype has been around and it has been the best in the business.

However, just recently, a new player Viber was born and this app has come in with such force and might that Skype seems to be shaken by the emergence and rise of Viber.

Skype was bought by Microsoft back in 2011 and this can be considered a very huge financial boost given the fact that Microsoft Corporation is one of the leading computer hardware and software vendors across the globe. On the other hand, Viber, which started in Israel, was recently bought by a Japanese tech giant company known as Rakuten. These acquisitions are what observers believe to be responsible for the recent changes, new features and rapid updates that each of this app rolls out.

Availability on Multiple Platforms

The technological world is one of the most unpredictable sectors of the economy. What has happened in the past decade or so is nothing nobody ever foresaw. What is happening in the world of communication in the current era is something else. People have turned to messengers for communication and dumped their normal mobile carriers and telecom providers thanks to the rise of android and the wider reach of iOS devices.

Skype is an app that is tailored to meet the communication needs of the computing world. This means that this app best integrates with computers than it does with mobile phones. This can be attributed to the fact that Skype began as a PC VoIP service provider, but later it incorporated the mobile version of their app in their database. As a result, Skype can be installed and used on any mobile platform, for instance android, iOS, Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or Symbian. In addition, this app can also work on any computing platform including Windows, Mac or Linux.

On the other hand, Viber is an app that is best suited for mobile phones. This means that the integration of Viber with smartphones is better than with PCs and again, this can be attributed to the fact that this app began as a mobile-based app but later incorporated the PC version.

In essence, this means that Viber can be used on either platform; be it a mobile phone or a desktop. Furthermore, it can be installed on any of these devices regardless of their operating system.

This is a huge development considering this app began in 2011 as an iOS-only app. In such a short period, it has created versions for other mobile operating systems that include Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Symbian, Windows Mobile, as well as included a PC version for all available platforms that include Windows, Mac and Linux.

Registration and Costs

New users need to register for an account with either app. However, Skype and Viber have quite differing registration processes. While Skype can be considered a bit clumsy with its process, Viber offers a very simple and quick registration process.

Whereas Skype will require you to provide a user name and a password during registration, Viber only asks for your mobile phone number. In the case of Skype, you’ll be required to provide these details (username and password) every time you sign in to use the app. One problem with this process is that it can be easy to forget the login credentials.

On the other hand, after Viber has acquired your mobile phone number for registration, you’ll be sent a verification code you can use to complete the registration process and that’s it!

Both Skype and Viber use data packs to make free calls to other users within their respective networks. Both apps also offer users a platform of calling numbers outside their networks. However, Viber is considered a cheaper and more affordable option than Skype, especially for international calls. Furthermore, Skype is hungry for data than Viber and as such, Viber looks to be a more economical app.

Quality of Video Calls

Skype has been at the top because of the superior video calls it offers when compared to Viber. However, the latest version of Viber comes with improved full screen HD support that ensures the quality of video calls is even better than before. What this means is that both Skype and Viber are now at par when it comes to quality of video calls.

Skype has the advantage in terms of reach or numbers. It is an established brand and Viber is only finding its way. This is going to be tough for Skype and Viber but as it stands, the latter is really at it and the company isn’t letting go.

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