Smaller Sized Tyrannosaurus-Rex Discovered In Alaska

New species of dinosaur have been discovered. The Texas paleontologists name them smaller cousin of feared Tyrannosaurus-Rex in Alaska. It is said they may have dwelled even up to the Arctic Circle.

Scientists have found fossilized skull remains of the smaller relative of T-Rex in Prince Creek Formation in Alaska and they believe it to be around 70 million years old.
T rex
Originally the new found was believed to belong to a different species, but examining partial skull roof, jaw and maxilla it is noted they have similarities with the tyrannosaurine species.

A press release from the scientists explain the cranial bones of the fossil represents Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, which is a new species of tyrannosaurine and is very closely related to the other two tyrannosaurides named as Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus.

According to the researchers, the new dinosaur was relatively small. Its skull measured 25 inches where as that of T-rex measures 60 inches. It inhabited mostly a seasonally extreme and high-latitude continental environment.

It is also reported that smaller body size of it shows an adaptation to the resources inconsistency in the arctic seasons.

Anthony Fiorillo from Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Texas, said the new species found is cool as it tells about what the environment was then in the Arctic.

Fiorillo did the analysis of the fossil with Ronald S Tykoski and their colleagues.

The new discover is published in the PLOS ONE journal.

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