Smash Hit: Top Ways to Cover the Maximum Distance

Smash Hit is the recently launched game which has become a rage in the smartphone gaming world and is, currently, one of the most downloaded games on the Android and the iOS stores.

The simplistic settings yet the powerful and captivating graphics have enamored the users like no other game has and the game has been well received by people of all ages. The ultimate aim of the players is to complete as much distance in the map as possible by maximizing their ball count so that they can surmount the obstacles with ease. Here, time and strategy are of paramount importance and some careful planning and some tips can help you reach a long way into the game.

Conserve Your Balls

The ultimate rule of the game is to use as less balls as possible while breaking the obstacles. It would seem difficult to achieve at first, but after the first few games, you will realize that every obstacle can be overcome by using a maximum of two balls, while proper aim can save one ball. Obstacles like glass sheets and handing rocks can almost certainly be broken by one ball, by aiming at the correct place, while others might require one more ball. Careful aim can help you save balls which will ultimately take you further in the game.

Crush the Crystals

The crystals are the source of your energy in the game as they supply you with balls. So make sure that you never miss out on breaking the crystals. And you should aim at breaking ten crystals in a row as that can give you multi balls in one throw while only one ball is deducted from your quota. So having a multi ball throw can be surely advantageous for you, as more the number of balls you throw, the more is the probability of breaking crystals and more is the damage caused to the obstacles.

Save Your Infinite Balls

The infinite ball rounds are the power ups that you get while playing and which can be used to throw unlimited balls for a short period of time. You should save these rounds and use them only when you really need them. When you are faced with many difficult obstacles at the same time or when you have a lot of cones in sight and you feel it is not possible to attack each one individually, only then you should use the infinite ball rounds. Saving them would be really beneficial when the game speed increases during the later part of the game.

Take Close Shots

You should notice that not all the obstacles that are in your way do actually harm you. Some of them are in their own motion and they just pass you by without causing any harm. This is especially true in cases of glass sheets. Such obstacles should be left alone and you should not waste any balls on them. So do not attack them until you are close enough to figure out whether they are harmful or not.

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