Sony Xperia Z4 Specs Are Interesting

Sony’s Xperia line up is its flag ship phone series, and with the Xperia Z3 having recently come out to very positive reviews, Sony are generally have thought to done a fairly good job with it. The Xperia Z3 did have a couple of interesting quirks that made people doubtful however. First of all it released just 6 months after the Xperia Z2, which is thought to be Sony’s attempt to take the already small gap between yearly releases and half it to just 6 months. Interesting also was that in an era of 1440p devices they opted for a 1080p display, despite the otherwise amazing specs.

This is what makes the announcement of the Xperia Z4 kind of exciting.It takes all of the features that define Sony as a manufacturer, such as their unique music software and the water proof certification of the device, and improves it to include the very latest hardware, and also supposedly brings the end of Sony’s new 6 month release cycle. Admittedly, this comes from a leaked source but interestingly most of the facts that come from these tend to be true. Anyway, in to the leaked specs.

First of all, the upgrade to 1440p. Despite Sony’s firm stance against the need for a display of that resolution, they’ve finally caved it seems as the Xperia Z4 is said to have a 5.5inch 1440p QHD screen giving it a very high pixel density. It is also said to have a snap dragon 810 octa core processor at 2.8GHz paired with Adreno 430 graphics, which should be so much more than what is needed to drive the display. For tech nerds this is absolutely massive, and its good to see Sony take the phone to the next level.

Alongside the standard high end display and a very high end processor, the phone is said to have 4GB of RAM, more than every other offering out there right now. It’ll also see the end of 16GB being a standard Xperia option, having just a single 32GB version with a Micro SD slot, presumably providing 128GB of extra space should you need it for media like music and video.

The camera, perhaps one of the best parts of Sony’s Xperia line up sees its first upgrade for a while, retaining the 20.7MP sensor and offering the same 4k video option, but presumably offering slightly more clarity and other video options. Perhaps not worth an upgrade alone, but nice to see anyway.

Given the early 2015 release date the Xperia Z4 has been looking at, we’ll be seeing android 5.0 as a near certainty, and honestly just knowing your phone won’t be out dated in a few months might be enough of a selling point for me. The Xperia Z4 shows Sony are serious about what they’re doing, and hopefully as a result we get a phone worth holding onto.

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