Sorting Your Gmail Inbox – Dos and Don’ts

Are you tired of all the junk cluttering the inbox of your email?

Do you often end up losing your important emails in the endless unwanted greetings you receive from friends with whom you are no longer connected? Gmail might well have the perfect solution for you. With their labels and filters, you can do much more with an email account. Here, we will check out how to sort through your email and make your inbox less clustered, more organized and easy to access and retrieve.

The Three Separate Inbox

It’s been a long time now since Gmail gave you the in-built filter. There was a time when all your subscription and promotional emails were stored in one single inbox. Not any longer. Gmail sorted its primary inbox under three separate categories namely

  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotions

All these three categories have their own criteria and this gives you the preliminary sorting. While Gmail makes use of some very consistent principles for the sake of sorting emails into these labels, you have the option of improvising on the same. If you want some of the emails that get filtered in the social category into your primary inbox, you merely need to drag it once. Once this is done, such messages will land in your primary inbox henceforth.

This is valid for all three categories and this makes handling of emails much simpler. However, you need more flexibility; don’t you? We have more options for you.

Labeling and Filtering

This is by far the best way to organize your email as much as you want. We will first deal with labeling and then move on to filtering.

Labeling is the process by which you can merely add a new label or impose an existing label to a conversation. Suppose, you wish to have a conversation with a certain person or even with a similar subject sorted together.

You simply need to open that email and choose the “label as” option. In the drop-down box, you will find the name of all possible existing labels along with an option for “create new” as well. If you want a new label, you can choose to add one or pick the existing label from there.

Making Filters

Even when it comes to making filters, the process is very straightforward. You do not have to fuss. In the search tab, you will find the option of creating a new filter.

You can choose the condition which you want to use for making filters. It could either be a common subject or as in most cases, the email address and then pick the options as you deem fit. If you do not want messages from that specific email address to clutter your primary inbox, check the option “skip inbox (archive it)” or else leave it unchecked.

Once you create the filter, all subsequent messages from that address will automatically be filtered and labeled as per your chosen details.

Thus, by using these smart moves, you can sort your Gmail inbox and keep it organized and neat.



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