Starting a Viber Group Chat – Everything You Need to Know

If you enjoy talking to your different groups of friends, then you might be a big fan of group chats.

Group chats allow you to chat with more than one person at once and Viber is one of the many messaging apps that offer this service. It is also one of the most downloaded mobile chat services today, with almost half a billion users from around the world. Viber is one of the best apps to have a group chat with your friends; so download it now if you’re looking for a convenient way to gossip with them.

Chat With Up to 100 People

100 may seem a little bit too much of a number to have a group chat with, but that’s Viber’s maximum number of participants. This is very convenient if you’re chatting with your entire class; so you can ask about a homework you missed or if you and some classmates want to talk about a group project. Surely, you will need to discuss about what you’re doing and Viber’s group chat is the best way to do it. If you’re having a party and want to save money, instead of printing out invitations, you can just create a group chat and invite people without spending a single dime.

How to Create a Group Chat

There are two ways to start a group chat on Viber. The first one is by tapping the new message icon on the upper right hand corner and selecting the contacts you want to join the conversation. You can select up to 99 people, you being the 100th participant. The other way to create a group chat is if you already have a previous conversation with someone and you want to add more participants in the chat. In the conversation page, click the Settings icon on the upper right corner, next to the Call button. Choose “Add More Participants” and select the names of the people you want to add.

Changing the Group’s Name

If you’re participating in multiple group chats, there’s nothing worse than getting confused with the different groups. To avoid this, you can change the group’s name to differentiate them. Tap Settings and select Group Name. From there, you can change the name of the group to your liking. The participants will be notified of any changes in the group’s name in the conversation page.

Smart Notifications

Being able to chat with a large group of people has its perks but it can also be annoying at times, especially when everyone seems to have a lot to say at once. Instead of receiving notifications for every single incoming message, you can just choose to enable the Smart Notifications. This very handy feature allows you to only receive one notification for all continuous messages from that particular group. You can also Mute the group chat if you don’t want to receive any notification whether it’s just one message or a whole string of them. Ultimately, you can leave and delete the group chat if you’ve had enough of gossiping.

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