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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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State of Decay HD Edition on Xbox One Details Revealed, Launching Shortly

State of Decay HD Edition on Xbox One Details Revealed, Launching Shortly By – Jan 13, 2015 10 0 SHARE

The developers of State of Decay have confirmed that the Xbox One will soon receive the HD version of the game.

More details about the game and its next gen features are expected shortly.

Be it the Xbox One or the Playstation 4, the number of actual games is yet to increase and the exclusives can easily be counted with just your two hands. This time, it is remaking HD versions of old games that has been keeping developers and fans busy.

We are not sure how much players actually love the recreation of the same game. But, Halo Master Chief Collection on the console was a great success and other such titles might make a select group of audiences happy. State of Decay is one such game which is about to get a release date before the end of January.

Developer’s Facebook Reveal

Undead Labs, the people behind the Xbox One game, confirmed that they are all ready to show off their 1080p version of the game that was a hit on the Xbox 360 console. They also added that to make players happy, the team is going to give out special bonus items for those who already own the game on the previous generation console. All these information and more has been revealed on their Facebook page.

Talking more about the upcoming launch, the developers said, “The release date for Yose will be revealed this month. We are looking forward to answering many of your questions and helping our fan community stay updated on the upcoming launches.” Even though the developers didn’t directly address about the game, they said that the upcoming Pax South event is going to be the venue where they plan to talk about all things important.

Pax Reveal

The Pax South event has been scheduled to take place between January 23 and January 25. With the event close by, we can be sure that developers have fixed the release date and other details related to the game.

State of Decay will soon have a One Year Survival edition which will be in full 1080p and the much better hardware found on Xbox One is expected to make this a possibility. The game runs only at 720p on PC and Xbox 360 consoles so far. So, this would be a significant bump for the title and the developer’s entry into the next gen hardware.


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