Subway Surfers Free Download – New Update Will Keep You on Your Toes

If you very much enjoy getting an adrenaline rush from playing app games, then Subway Surfers is perfect for you.

It is a kind of an “endless running” game where you have to control your constantly running characters as they are being chased. Collecting missions and having to dodge multiple obstacles also require you to have fast reflexes when playing this game.

In Subway Surfers, you play various characters of youthful hooligans who are running away from an inspector and his dog. Most encounters of hot pursuit happen on the subway, where you run on along the tracks or even over the train. With various objects that suddenly block your way, you can choose to jump, dodge or duck over to keep yourself out of danger.

While the characters never stop running, you might wonder if you will get tired quickly over this repetitive game. The developers of Subway Surfers, however, have created a lot of features to give its gameplay a taste of variety amidst the endless chasing.

Travel around the World in Style

One of the fun things about this app is that a monthly update gives you the chance to travel in a new city of the world. The Subway Surfers World Tour has seen its characters get chased around the different subway stations of New York, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, London, and Seoul, among others. The latest update brings you to Rome, and in celebration of Easter, you can collect colorful Easter eggs as well.

While other endless running games only limit you to, well, running, Subway Surfer characters know how to travel in style. Why stay on foot when you can hoverboard surf, or launch yourself with your paint-powered jetpack? It is really a wonder how the inspector and his dog still manage to catch up to you!

True to the hooligan life, the latest update also awards you Spray Can Awards when you accomplish goals.

Be a Lot of People

It is not just the environment the developers constantly amp up. Subway Surfers constantly adds new people to its crew, letting us meet and play different kids from different walks of life. The World Tour in Rome update also introduces us to Roberto, an Italian scooter kid. Before him, there was also Rosa from Mexico. Limited edition characters also come and go, so you better watch out. Aside from these, new costumes are also added to your collection with every update.

Many people find Subway Surfers’ efforts to create individuals representing different cultural backgrounds and wearing fashions of different eras to be endearing. It is fun to watch your characters turn from football player to mime as you unlock more of them to play. The inspector also doesn’t get left behind, as he can change costumes on various occasions. In the latest Easter special, you can see him wearing a hilarious bunny suit as he chases after the kids.

Can’t Get to Those Bonuses and Awards?

If you do not know it yet, there are a lot—and this means a lot—of awards, titles, and bonuses that a player may get while playing Subway Surfers. If you just know how to play it right, then you will definitely know how to get your hands on those bonuses. However, the good thing about the game is that those awards are not that tough to get. Just play the best you could, and for sure you will get some of those awards soon. However, if you really want plenty in your collection, then you look for cheats, tips, and tricks on how to get the awards that you desire.

Best of all, Subway Surfers and its updates are all free for download and play.

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