Subway Surfers – This is the Most Daring of All Chases

Agility and Speed

Subway Surfers is a game for mobile phones, created by Kiloo and by SYBO games offering an endless runner game. In this game, the player escapes and runs away from a police officer and moves fast through train tracks. While running, the player has to escape from obstacles and avoid barriers appearing on the path. The game requires a lot of agility, as you need to make the character jump and dodge all obstacles, without reducing the speed and without stopping or getting caught.

Coins and Powerups

The player has to control Jake, who is a graffiti artist, escaping from the police guard. Jake has to run fast and also collect coins as he runs. These coins will help in getting upgrades in character. The player can also purchase power ups and get new characters, such as Lucy, Tricky, Spike or Yutani.

Gameplay – Testing your Reflexes

The gameplay of Subway Surfers is rather simple, as you simply must avoid obstacles on the way, by jumping or ducking and by dodging. All the movements are easy. For instance, in the case of jumping, you have to slide the finger upwards on the screen and for ducking you need to slide the finger downwards. For moving right or for moving left, simply slide the finger in that direction. Though it sounds simple, you need to have quick reflexes, as there are many obstacles that seemingly appear endlessly and without any warning. The initial stages of the game are rather easy, as the character isn’t very fast at this stage. But as the levels increase, the character increases the speed and this reduces the time for reacting.

Interesting Upgrades

There is no question of getting bored with this game, as there are many upgrades in the game that enable the player to visit interesting cities, such as Tokyo, Sydney, Moscow and many others. The developers have managed to make the game very lively and fresh and players will never tire of the screen, as there is variety in the background.

Range of Powerups

There are also different types of powerups, such as the Coin Magnet or the Jetpack. These two powerups enable the player to attain more coins, whereas other powerups, such as the Multiplier increases your score and Sneakers increases the player’s speed. If you collect more number of coins, you can use them for upgrading your powerups. This enables them to last for a longer time and also enhances their performance.

Features of Latest Version

The latest version of Subway Surfers comes with many interesting features and enhancements in the gameplay. The game offers graphics that are cartoon like with increased power ups and more coins, which can enhance the player’s abilities. Players can also continue on their path with endless running, until they hit a barrier or an obstacle. There are many different characters to choose from, such as Ninja, Prince K, Zoe, Jake and others to offer variety and spice to the game. You can also visit new places like New York, Rome and so on. The gameplay is faster paced as well. Other interesting features include colorful graphics with vivid HD features and a jetpack that is paint powered. Swiping acrobatics are very fast helping you to take part in the most daring of all chases.


Subway Surfers is an interesting and fun game for your mobile phone. The layout and the mechanics of the game are rather similar to Temple Run, another very popular mobile game in the endless runner category. However, Subway Surfers offers a very interesting mission and there is a lot of fun stuff thrown in on the way to make the game a very addictive one.

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