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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Subway Surfers – Top Tips to Score Over 1 Million

Subway Surfers – Top Tips to Score Over 1 Million By – Oct 27, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Subway Surfers is one of the most fun and addictive games on the mobile platforms that would make people of every age group happy.

Endless runners are the most prominent genre in recent times because they are very touch friendly and don’t require any specific skills. All you have to do is just swipe across the screen to dodge the obstacles and make sure you score high by collecting coins.

While Temple Run was the first one to introduce this concept, Subway Surfers easily took to the first place because it is graphically rich and plays great with a number of professional game play mechanics introduced to it. Just jump, roll, twist and keep running to score but if you ever plan to score as high as one million, then this is your best guide to follow.

Tricky Tips For You

The toughest yet the most rewarding way to score in Subway Surfers is to reach the multiplier level up to x30. Make sure you reach it, have run at least 100 meters and have reached at least 3000 points. It is important that you manage to touch all these milestones in order to properly reach your goal of one million points. The more you try to maximize your multiplier combos, the easier it will be to proceed. Once you have plenty of coins at your disposal, make sure you use them to buy upgrades. You can choose to buy score boosters which will help you double up your multipliers even more, which will contribute to your overall score.

When you have ample resources at your disposal Subway Surfers, make sure you use them. If you keep preserving them for a later time, it wouldn’t solve the purpose. The idea behind collecting coins and other virtual currencies is to buy power-ups which will let you further enhance your scoring capability. Buy all the power-ups that you could and also if you have enough patience, just make use of the training program. The controls are really simple; yet it is important to know how to jump, roll and dash your way to victory.

Always try to be on top of the train which will give you a wide view of the map ahead and help you plan your moves, especially when there are large obstacles in your path. Just switch to the hover board as soon as you hit scores of 50k or more as it will increase the time you spend in running and thereby assisting in getting high scores.


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