Subway Surfers – Tricky Tips for the Endless Run

Competing with your friends on the ‘run show’ and happen to be lagging behind them in scores?

Get to read professional tips and tricks that you could follow to turn tables and take the ‘winning trophy’ into your hands overnight!

Do the Multiplication Math

Every time you improve a set score level, you’ll be credited with another player – in simpler terms, another life to experiment with. When you start the gameplay, you’ll see yourself as a single player; the more you keep scoring, the multipliers will increase in the play.

You can achieve 30 such extra players into the gameplay. When you achieve this number, your score will rapidly increase by 30 times, and that indeed will fetch you the winning score!

Sway the Power-Ups

In Subway Surfers, the ‘big’ numbers in your score is what will give you the winning trophy. In order to achieve this, the only way out is to use all the loopholes possible to increase your score. The power-ups are one of the loopholes you must take into control.

These include the coins, Jet Packs and multipliers. Endless running and hitting on these power-ups is the only way to get these into your pockets. Once you have gathered all the 30 multipliers on the score board, it’s time to upgrade with the 2X multipliers. These will fetch you with a doubled up score every time!

Stock up on Keys

Keys make your gameplay simpler. While you run towards your goal, you might find a key here and there. Make sure you collect and save them. At times, you might have to hit treasure boxes or locked up pathways, where you can make use of these keys and give yourself the freedom of running, more and more.

There are options to stock up these keys for real money as well. But when it’s just a game to kill your time, it’s always best to win the keys through your running – don’t you feel so?

Try, Try and you will Succeed

Familiar proverb, isn’t it? With Subway Surfers, it’s even more familiar! You will get the hang of the game and get into the groove only by practicing running on the gameplay. You don’t attain any expertise of hitting over obstacles and collecting the coins right from the beginning of your run show. As and when you play it, your running gets better and so do the scores. So, the secret lies behind your running practice – the bottom line, play Subway Surfers as often as you can!!

Be On-Air

This is one of the tricks to stay safe on the boat. In this gameplay, you’ll get to hit across a lot of unexpected and terrific objects, which can bring your running to an end. Starting another game right from the scratch is not what you want to do – so keep flying high. You can practice flying when you foresee obstacles, and when your running gets faster, you can prefer staying on the top. You never know what obstacle you’ll see when you are in full speed, after all!



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