Subway Surfers – What Makes It One of the Best Games Ever Released?

The Launch and Response

Subway Surfers has brought a revolution in the mobile gaming industry in terms of the user friendliness and simplicity of use.

This innovative initiative is an endless game which was launched in May 2012 and has been a success since then. Its sales in terms of download are itself the proof of its increasing popularity amongst the generic public across the globe. It is a single player game and its concept involves the users to take up the role of hooligans who on being caught while performing graffiti at a railway site. They run on the tracks to rescue themselves from the inspector and his dog. As these avatars run, they can collect gold coins on their way while avoiding collisions with the trains and other objects.

The Game Play

This game is endless and the challenge is to keep breaking one’s own record. With the increasing awareness of this game, the challenge of competing with the peer’s score makes the game more fun and entertaining. This game is highly addictive because of its endless nature and the incentive to buy lives during the game by collecting coins which keep aggregating with each game play. This game can be downloaded free of cost from the app store of various mobile operating systems. This makes it even more lucrative for the customers who are not willing to pay for games they want to play.

The User-Friendliness

This game keeps releasing its updates at regular intervals which prove to be very helpful in improving and enhancing the user experience by providing them with improved video quality and better features. These updates also include new things to purchase during the game play, which attracts the users even more towards this game. Furthermore, this game works on the similar concept as that of ‘Temple Run’, that is also an endless game, but with better purchases within the game and improved visualization of the background. It has been very successful in the mobile gaming market. There is also a concept of in app purchases within the game using which one can buy better equipments that can be helpful in building up the score. These purchases can be made using credit or debit card. The concept of mobile wallet can also be used for this purpose. Multiple advertisements are also imbibed within the game which can be removed by being the premium user of this game and paying some extra money to play.

A lucrative choice

Therefore, this game has shown enormous results in terms of its popularity amongst the mobile phone users and with its on-going updates it continues to attract the user base with a high level of innovation and revolutionary gaming experience to the players of the game. Furthermore, the concept of having a youth hooligan is an asset in terms of attracting the young audience that is the majority amongst the users of the mobile games. Thus, with its ongoing research and development, this game can be expected to grow further and make a mark in the mobile gaming industry.

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