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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Surface Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 – Bigger, Better or Just…

Surface Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 – Bigger, Better or Just the Same By – Oct 12, 2014 7 0 SHARE

Surface Pro 2, release by Microsoft last year, was claimed by the company to be the tablet that comprises everything.

Apparently, it did not hold true and the company made a leap forward and released the next generation Surface Pro 3 tablet. However, this time round, the company claimed the tablet to be the perfect replacement for your laptop and PC.

Microsoft was expected to release a smaller tablet, considering the trend in the market. However, Microsoft treads in the other direction and releases a bigger Surface Pro 3 tablet instead.

The tablet has been made available since May. The handset aims to live up to the claim made by the company to replace your laptops and PC’s. Whether it is just a marketing hype created by Microsoft, or does the latest release come equipped with better features than the Surface Pro 2, let us find out.


The engineers and designers at Microsoft have worked hard in slimming down the Surface Pro 3 tablet. However, whether the company has made any sacrifices in the hardware specs in lieu of its slimmer size, let us find out. The Redmond Company has spent a lot of time in detailing its latest release. Apparently, Microsoft has ensured that the tablet is ready to take whatever is thrown at it.

Microsoft claims that the Pro 3 comprises of the thinnest Intel Core processor available in the market. However, the Type Cover attached to the tablet makes the statement a bold claim. Nevertheless, Microsoft found a way to equip its latest release with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, which is a commendable feature.

When compared to the last year release, the Pro 2 topped the chart with its Intel Core i5 fourth-generation processor. However, the Pro 3 is made available in three variants from Intel – the i3, i5 and the i7 processors. The Pro 3 tablet offers an option to the potential buyer to choose a variant suiting their budget.

Finally yet importantly, the Pro 3 has effectively taken the ‘fan less’ concept to a different level. The company claims the Pro 3 comes equipped with approximately 30% more proficient cooling system, as compared to other products available in the market.


A quick processor means more battery consumption, right? Not really, as Microsoft claims the Pro 3 managing to churn out approximately 20% more battery life as compared to its predecessors. The company has been sticking to its no compromise mantra for sure.

The Pro 3 battery also comes with enhancements in terms of usage. The Pro 2 battery lasts seven to twelve days when idle. However, in terms of usage, the battery lasts approximately seven hours when used moderately. By comparison, the Microsoft claims its latest release, that the Pro 3 will last approximately nine hours. The battery life is enhanced up to 10% better, as compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2 tablet.

The Surface Pro 3 tablet incorporates a plethora of other features, making it a superior tablet than its predecessor in every manner.



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