Surface Pro 2 vs Surface Pro 3 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

Following the appointment of a new chairperson, Microsoft is expected to go down the route of more software announcements in the next few years.

However, this is not expected to hinder the arrival of the Surface Pro 3, which will be the replacement for the Surface Pro 2. This is the premium tablet through which Microsoft has proven to the industry that it is possible to combine the best of both worlds – the laptop and tablet. The Surface Pro 2 managed to achieve this by offering specifications similar to that of a laptop, while bringing the convenience of a tablet.


The Surface Pro 2 covers every aspect that is demanded from a premium tablet. This includes a full HD touchscreen display that measures 10.1 inches in size. Since this display smaller than the one found on larger laptops, it is able to provide far greater detail than laptops could manage up until now. The Surface Pro 3, though, is expected to improve on this aspect even more by providing a 2K display. Even a 4K display will not be surprising on this device.

Operating System

This is one of the key aspects of the Surface Pro 2 since it offers a unique alternative to the tablet industry. Up until now, Android and iOS have dominated this segment. The entry of Windows brings a whole new dimension since the latest Windows 8 manages to provide the same user interface across all platforms. Hence, it is much easier to use this device for those who are accustomed to Windows operating systems.

Windows 8 also features the ability to sync settings across different platforms. Hence, you will be able to get the same working experience on the Surface Pro 2 as you would do on your desktop or laptop.

One of the big advantages of the Surface Pro 2 has been its ability to support additional accessories like a full keyboard. With such enhancements in mind, it is possible to get both the portability of the tablet and functionality of the laptop in one device.

Storage Options

The Surface Pro 2 blows its competition apart in this regard by offering a range of internal memory options starting from a minimum of 64 GB up to a whopping 512 GB. Depending upon the RAM chosen by the user, this memory will vary. For example, the 8 GB RAM variant is provided with only 256 GB or 512 GB of internal memory.


One of the standard parts of the Surface Pro 2 is the use of the Intel i5 processor. This is, however, not the top of the range processor in the Intel family. The Surface Pro 3 is expected to come with the much faster i7 unit. The RAM could also be increased to around 16 GB for the top variant.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is definitely not a cheap tablet, as it has the capability to replace a laptop. For this reason, prices start at around $ 900. The Surface Pro 3 will be closer to the $ 1000 mark.

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