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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Surprise! Reasons Why You Should not Update To iOS 8.1 (yet)

Surprise! Reasons Why You Should not Update To iOS 8.1 (yet) By – Oct 31, 2014 0 1 SHARE

Do you own an Apple device that’s compatible with 8.0 operating system? Well, you should know that trying to upgrade from your current operating system to 8.1 is like conducting brain surgery without the help of anesthetic. We have very good reasons as to why we’re saying this, so keep reading.

iOS 8.1: The basic information about the latest release

  • This is the latest Operating system (OS) that’s responsible for powering up devices such as iPhone, iPads and iPod touch
  • This is also the underlying framework that’s responsible for organizing, launching and running apps on your device
  • It also has the capability to perform a vast array of features on its own. iOS 8.1 is the latest release of the 8.0 version.


If you have iPad 2, iPhone 4s or later, 5th generation iPod touch or even iPad mini, your device should be officially rated iOS 8.1 compatible, so you can upgrade for free. Now the big question is, should you really make the switch, say from your current 8.0 to the new 8.1? Here are some insights into why you shouldn’t:

iOS 8.1 – Reasons Why You Should not Update To iOS 8.1

  1. If you’re not Tech-oriented

The latest release of the operating system is certainly going to come with a number of bug fixes to squash problems experienced with the previous version. Whereas it promises that it will come with solutions, there’s a good chance that it will deliver unique problems to your device.

Just like other software updates, iOS updates have a reputation of wrecking havoc on some devices. Typical issues include brain-drain, Wi-Fi issues, sluggishness and many other symptoms. Even though Apple promised to eliminate these problems with their latest version of operating system, this does not always mean that you’ll be free from trouble.

  1. If You Rely on Apps To Get Through The Day

Technology has made planning a walk in the park. Just like other smart-gadget users, many iOS users tend to rely on apps to go through school work, or simply plan their week. Even though developers of these apps are now active in the process of upgrading their apps so that they are compatible with iOS 8.1, there are still chances that users will experience problems when they make the switch.

So if you’re reliant on these apps, it’s best to be patient until support and reviews indicate the green light. On the other hand, most 3rd party apps are fine, but it’s still not worth taking the risk if you’re doing something important using the apps.

  1. If you’re Going Traveling

If you switch locations due the nature of your job, you may want to hold it for a moment. Your movement activities could affect files on board. So if you haven’t backed up your data, it could wreck irreversible havoc on you. In the event that something went wrong, not being near a personal computer could make things difficult for you. So if you’re away from home, it’s recommended that you wait until you get back home.

  1. If You’re Still Unfamiliar With iOS 8.0

It might take you a while to learn iOS 8. You have to research on the operating system itself, back up your files, clean up your device, or get iTunes upgrades. If you haven’t done this for whatever reasons, you might not be fully ready to upgrade to the new 8.1.

  1. Installation Problems

When we made the switch to 8.0, we had to deal with the nightmare of encountering errors during installation. But there’s still a good chance that these errors will affect the latest version of the operating system. So if you don’t want to deal with the nonsense, it’s good to be patient until it’s safe to do so.


Patience is key. Excitement will land you in trouble with your iOS device. These are real problems that have kept people away from making the switch. So, wait until it’s safer to do so.


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  • Peter A. Wadsworth

    There is no such thing as “wreck havoc”. The correct term is “wreak havoc”. If you don’t believe, look it up.

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