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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Tales That Astronauts’ Wives Have To Tell

Tales That Astronauts’ Wives Have To Tell By – Mar 12, 2014 1 0 SHARE

Life is certainly different if married to an astronaut. According to Steffi Wakata, wife of Koichi Wakata, the 51-year-old veteran of four Nasa Space Shuttle missions, life is certainly never boring, living with an astronaut. However, she has to be mentally ready and remain flexible about unexpected schedules, as plans and vacations may get canceled. One should be ready to see their plans getting disturbed all the time.
Space station
Wakata is a Japanese engineer, who serves the International Space Station. When he got married, he had no idea that he wanted to be an astronaut. After all, he was just completing a nautical engineering degree and was supposed to work with Japan Airlines as a maintenance engineer. When he got selected for Nasa Space Shuttle missions, he got full support from Steffi. Steffi says that one does get a bizarre feeling to know that he is not on the planet but she has got used to the idea now. In fact, she wants her15-year-old son to follow in the line of her husband if he is interested.

Another astronaut wife Candi Rick, married to Rick Mastracchio, feels the same way and believes that one has to place a complete trust in the highly trained and specialized Mission Control team, before she can allow her husband to wander off in the space. But she knows that the professionals are doing their very best and there are no reasons as to why one should mistrust their decisions. The 54-year-old American engineer, Rick serves the International Space Station currently. It is a kind of a larger-than-life thing for Candi.
The best part about being married to an astronaut, according to their wives is that one gets to share and experience some really different things that would not be possible otherwise. However, the worst parts are the fears and risks that are a part of this profession. It can get nerve-wracking at times.


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