Talkatone beats WhatsApp, Viber and Skype – It’s a Better Free Voice Calling App

Communication is one of the many areas that have been positively affected by technology and innovation.

Today, people can easily communicate with their loved ones easily and for free regardless of the distance.

The introduction of smartphones brought about the development of smartphone apps that help make our lives easier. Some of these apps make it possible for users to communicate with other users for free. Talkatone is one of the many free calling and chatting apps available for smartphones today. Talkatone is powered by Google Voice and thus users need to have a Google account to be able to make use of this app.

Talkatone is not your average free calling and texting app. The developers of this app have gone a step further to ensure that using it is actually more affordable than using other free calling and texting apps. Also, the fact that Talkatone makes use of Google Voice means that it is a reliable service that has the ability to offer great performance when it comes to making clear voice calls.

Talkatone Has a User Friendly Interface

According to studies, most smartphone users shy away from using free calling apps because of their complicated user interfaces. Talkatone developers have tackled this problem in their app to ensure that it comes in the easiest to understand interface. The interface has an icon for contacts, keypad options and menu. This app also allows the user to have a ‘favorites’ menu, which can comprise of contacts mostly used.

Enjoy High Quality Calls

As you know by now, Talkatone is a service that works on the Google Voice platform offered by Google. For this reason only, Talkatone is an app that you must try out since it guarantees high quality calling capabilities as Google is a trusted service. Because Talkatone works on Google voice, one does not need a payment plan to be able to use the app. Talkatone uses Wi-Fi or 4G network to facilitate communication. You also need a Google Voice number to be able to use Talkatone.

Why Should You Choose Talkatone?

For most people, Talkatone is not a much needed app since they figure they already have Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Skype. However, these apps can only be used with other users of the same app, which is not the case with Talkatone. Because it is powered by Google voice, Talkatone makes it possible for the user to text and even call non-Talkatone users for free.

How to Setup Talkatone

For you to be able to setup and use Talkatone, it needs to be downloaded just like any other app. This app can be downloaded from any app store, depending on the device you are using. Once the app is on your smartphone, the setup process begins once you launch it. It will ask you to log in to your Google account to be able to connect with other Talkatone users in your contacts list.

Using Talkatone

Once you successfully launch and setup Talkatone, you simply need to tap on the contact you want to chat with or call to be able to start. Talkatone allows you to know when your contacts are active by displaying a green box next to the name of the contact.

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