Tango – Why it is Giving Other Apps a Run for Their Money

Tango is yet another one of the many free social apps that can be used on Android, Apple, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones.

With this application, it is possible to chat with and call other Tango users for free. What makes Tango special is that it also allows users to connect with other Tango users that are not necessarily on their contact list. This is what makes this app more of a community-based app. With Tango, users can share videos, messages and photos with other community members.

Like most other communication apps, it is quite easy to set up Tango and to use it. The interface is easy to use, and it comes with a range of features that make the experience worthwhile.

Tango Interface and Setup

As mentioned above, setting up Tango is quite easy. You can download the latest version of the app from Apple play store, Android Market, Blackberry App Store or the Nokia App Store. After you have downloaded and completed the setup process, Tango will sync with your mobile phone contacts to find other Tango users. This makes it easy for you to simply choose a contact and communicate with those using Tango.

Overall, Tango is an easy to use app that does not come with too many complicated features. It uses your mobile phone number to connect, and thus no login details are required to be able to use the app. Once you avail your phone number, Tango will send a verification code to the number. After verification of your account, it will be set up and ready to use in a matter of seconds.

Tango comes with a contacts icon, settings icons and also an icon for sending out invites. After Tango has synced with your contacts, you can choose to send out invites to other contacts on your lists that do not have the Tango app yet.

Tango’s Performance

Tango’s performance when it comes to video calls and audio calls can vary depending on the operating system in use. The audio quality is at its best when two Tango users are connected to any 3G network or a Wi-Fi service. However, Tango offers a much better performance when compared to other video and audio calling apps.

It is advisable to avoid making video calls when using poor quality internet service. This is because you will experience issues when it comes to video quality, and you may not communicate well with your recipient. It is best to make voice calls in such instances. Even so, there are very few cases of call dropping when using Tango.

What Makes Tango Different?

As much as Tango offers pretty much the same services offered by other free to use apps, Tango comes with an extra feature which is what makes it different and better. With Tango, it is possible to switch from a video call to an audio call without having to hang-up first. This is a feature that makes it possible for users to switch to audio call mode when there are connection problems. Many other free calling apps do not offer this feature.


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