Temple Run 2 – Endless Running Is All I Want

Temple Run 2 is a 2013 Android based first person game that was launched and developed by Imangi Studios.

It is an endless running game and one of the trendiest games played on smartphones and on PCs. It was released on January 17, 2013 on the App Store and on January 24 on Google Play. The game is designed and produced by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova.

Development of the Game

The game has a lot of features and it is available free of cost for Android based smartphones on Google play. The development of the game began in March 2012 and was aimed to provide better quality and experience than the previous versions of the same. The new gameplay features new obstacles and new zip-lines for the player. The look of the pathways has been changed and waterfalls have also been brought in. In the previous version, there were three monkeys but in this version, there is only one big monkey. This big monkey acts as the antagonist. The number of characters available for player has also been increased and Usain Bolt and Santa Claus were also introduced for a little period of time.

Ups & Downs

During the initial release of the game, Google Play and other App stores sold the game for a low price that the user had to pay every time he downloaded it. The cost was not a big deal, but the market of the game became vulnerable. So Google play decided to do away with the cost and made the game free of cost to the users. This increased the market value of the game and the game secured 79.93% scores in the rankings.

Competition from Others

In today’s competitive world, everyone tries to remain at the top. Many other companies developed other endless running video games to challenge the popularity of Temple Run 2 like Subway Surfers, Oz, etc. But the kind of fun and entertainment that Temple Run 2 provided was unparalleled. There are many Tips and tricks through which one can gain extra coins and boost up the character which makes the user more excited to play the game.

Save My Wheel

The game that once loomed over the gaming industry like a storm was also ripped away due to better competition. But the story does not end here. There are times when you have to put your smartphone or tablet away due to some reason while playing the game and the game data is lost. So to mention the fun of endless running, the creative team provided an option of Cloud syncing through which you can save the game files and can resume it from the same level where you left it earlier.

Enjoy the Chase

In the world of smartphones, one cannot prevent oneself from playing Temple Run 2 and if these kinds of games are available free of cost, then it is a real time bonus. So don’t wait up! Download and play this game from the App store and Google Store free of cost and tell your friends to compete with your score.

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