Temple Run 2 – How to Get Things For Free?

It seems that infinite runner games are a huge hit when it comes to mobile gaming.

It does not matter where you look; there is always someone on his or her mobile device playing one game or the other. There are many games to choose from but the one that everyone is playing is Temple Run 2 free. With this game becoming ever increasingly popular, it is only fair to enable game players the chance to increase the rewards and abilities, which are required in this game. Here are a few cheats and tips to help you on your gaming journey.

Free Coins

Everyone loves to get something free, and what better way to start your Temple Run 2 free game than by having some free coins. Firstly, you will need to follow these steps:

• Go into the store of the in-game app, select ‘GET FREE STUFF’.
• You will need to ‘Like’ the game on Facebook and follow it on Twitter, which will give you 250 extra coins for free
• Something else that is free is a gem, once again ‘Like’ the game on Facebook and you have got yourself a free gem and that is all before you have even got round to playing!


Now you come face to face with a cliffhanger, which can have many people worried. When it comes to areas that require navigation, you will no longer have to worry yourself as you are about to get a tip that will solve all your problems.

• On the cliffhanger, you will see one side that is safe and the other, which is dangerous. Do not panic
• When you see a cliffhanger, make sure you jump. Whilst you are in the air, lean yourself towards the cliff’s safe side
• Now you have this great tip, any future cliffhangers that you may come across will no longer pose any threat to you
• Now you no longer need to run, all you have to do is jump

Getting Upgrades

Upgrades, these make the differences between a super high score and an extremely low score at the end. The upgrade menu is where you can improve things.

• Upgrade your coins
• Pay attention to multiplier increases when it comes to your score
• Make sure you collect spawns upgrades as well
• The more upgrades you get, the higher your level will become, thus enabling you to get more coins, helpful power ups for the tougher stages and higher scores
• If you prefer to stick to the trail, then you will need to use lots of points for the coin magnet ability
• Shield duration and upgrades to boost distance do not guarantee that you will complete the stage, but do not forget about them altogether though

Underground Cart Sections

When it comes to the cart parts of the game, which are underground, here is where you will find that Temple Run 2 free becomes much more interesting. Not only are these parts hard to master but they are a lot of fun too. This next tip will see your success rate increase:

• Once in the cart, make sure that you keep the cart tilted in the direction you require and watch your success rate increase
• As soon as you think it is time to tilt your cart, then do so. You may think it is crazy but it does work
• When you first try and get the gems, go for the easiest ones first, remembering that the hard to reach gems are there for a reason
• Once you have had enough practice at obtaining the easy to reach gems, it is time to start trying to obtain the hard to reach gems
• Practice makes you perfect in the mining cart sections, but do not forget to keep an eye out for parts of the track that are completely missing and forks on the tracks as well.

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