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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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The dangers involved in drinking during pregnancy – Premature birth risk

The dangers involved in drinking during pregnancy – Premature birth risk By – Mar 13, 2014 2 0 SHARE

There have been clear cut studies that state that if a woman is into the habit of drinking the first semester of her pregnancy, there are greater chances that she is going to deliver a premature baby or the baby is going to be really small and underweight. This is a chance that no expecting mother would want to do. The Health Department of UK stresses on the fact that pregnant women should not refrain to alcoholic drinks and if at all, it should not exceed one to two units a week.
There have been legal cases where drinking was supposedly a crime. The child born out of such a pregnancy where the mother has been drinking can claim due compensation. One such child born out of fetal alcohol syndrome during birth is now living with foster parents. Thus, it is definitely established that there is definitely nothing positive about drinking during pregnancy and in fact, the child will be born with a number of complications.
When pregnant women overdo the recommended alcohol dose, it will definitely lead to premature babies and so it is in the interest of the baby and the mother that the pregnant woman does not drink at all. Women who are keen on conceiving but are finding it difficult to conceive should not take any chances and should follow the strict advice of the doctors of giving up smoking and drinking. This is more crucial if she has had miscarriages prior to this. Fetal growth is restricted if the baby that is growing inside is subject to alcohol as it would enter the blood stream of the infant as well.

The risk of miscarriages and premature babies is less when the woman has exercised care and caution, eaten well, abstained from alcohol and drinks. The percentage of underweight babies was 13% and the close to 4.4% babies was smaller and less in weight and 4.3% were prematurely born.


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