The New iPads Could Be Worth The Upgrade, But Is That The Case For You?

Apple is following up to the release of its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones for this year with a set of new tablets that will refresh their respective lines. These tablets might be either a great move or a pretty bad one, depending on what you already have, so today we’ll try and find out whether the setup you currently have qualifies for an upgrade, or investing into the new iPad Mini 3 or iPad Air 2 is not the right choice for now.

Each step forward in the Apple iPad history has come with its own set of improvements, and each new iPad launched improved some way or another from its predecessor. The iPad Mini line focuses on providing not so “top of the line” specs, but packed into a smaller body that makes the device much more portable. The iPad Air line on the other hand brings the best specs available but jammed inside a very thin version of the iPad.

Software Can Decide

Hardware is important in a device, but the software side is equally important so in your decision of upgrading or not,  you should include if your current device is able to run the latest software. Almost every iPad is able to run the new iOS8. The original iPad however, can’t handle the new software, therefore if you own an iPad that goes all the way back to the beginning, you should consider upgrading, and the new Mini 3 or Air 2 are here just in tme.

Retina Displays Are Essential

There are a lot of great tablets out there, but one thing that makes Apple’s products really stand out is the Retina Display technology. All the newer devices feature it, but devices as old as the iPad 2 and the first iPad Mini come without the visual innovation, so if you own a device that old, upgrading is clearly implied.

Your Tablet Should Still Have A Fight In It, Processing Power Is Important

Processing power definitely counts in your decision, so it’s in your best interest to make sure that your device has enough power under the hood for it to remain relevant with today’s apps and processing requirements for tablets. In order for this to happen, your device should have the A7 or A8 processor. The iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air feature the A7 processor, which is coupled with the M7 co-processor. Anything before these models will features the A6 or lower and can definitely be upgraded. The iPad Air 2 goes even further and provides the A8 processor.

Lighting Connection Or Lighting Upgrade ?

The Lighting Connector technology is something you might be interested in, as all the newest accessories for iPads will use it and you may get left outside the circle if you still carry the first iPad or the iPad 2 and 3 for that matter, as they don’t feature this connecting technology.

Does Your Tablet Have A Personal Assistant?

The Siri digital personal assistant goes as far back as the second generation iPad, so if your device is newer than the iPad 2, it means that you have Siri on your tablet and it isn’t on your upgrade motives list.

Payments On The Go

The new iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 are the first iPads to come with Apple’s Apple Pay service available, as they also feature the TouchID fingerprint scanner. If making quick payments on the go from your tablet sounds like something that might be useful to you and you would definitely need, then you have another reason to go for the new tablets.


These are the main things that should be taken into consideration before upgrading or not upgrading from your current iPad. Based on these, you should tell for yourself if an upgrade would be a smart or useless and expensive move.


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