The Sims 4 Future Updates Revealed, Download Them For Free

The official blog of The Sims 4 has been exceptionally active all the time and they have also revealed their upcoming update plans.

The good part is that all players who already own the game will be able to download them for free. You don’t have to pay anything to buy them all which is surprising because Electronic Arts is always known for releasing even a set of suits and maps as part of the paid DLC packs.

Surprisingly, they have changed their mind for now and will be releasing some good free updates for you to have fun time. The first one is already out which brought the scary ghosts for the month of October. We assume it is a Halloween special because players can enjoy interacting with ghosts this month and even form a relationship with them. You also have the option to play as a ghost, create its own career and even kill it!

Community Requests Updated

With the new update, The Sims 4 also gets additions that the community has been asking for so long. The Star Wars costume set is a special surprise which allows you to dress up your character as Luke Skywalker, the Darth Vader or even in Leia’s white robe. It sounds interesting and if you feel that your avatar should have a wise look, why not dress up as Yoda and show off your aesthetic skills to your friends? The community has been requesting for new eye colors for so long and Maxis has finally provided it as part of the patch update. You will now be able to change the eye color of your avatar as you please and there are some minor bug fixing to make the game play better.

Upcoming Updates

In the month of November and December, The Sims 4 is going to get two different updates. Next month, you will finally be able to get the swimming pools, which gamers have requested so long. When EA and Maxis announced that they are going to rip off the pools because they have to bring in a lot of new updates. The players were really disappointed with this announcement because they expected to drown their sims (we know it is really sadistic but everyone loves it for some untold reason) which is why Maxis has decided to bring it back. In the month of October, they are going to introduce whole new career options to choose from as well as ample rewards to keep you happy for the hard work you put in.


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