The Sims 4 – Introducing a Swimming Pool Feature

After denying their diehards a swimming pool, The Sims 4 developers, Electronic Arts, have finally been coerced into including it.

When the Sims was released, it did not have a swimming pool, which was then introduced to Sims 3. The developers eliminated the feature; but later on included DLC with pools.

What to Expect with the Swimming Pools

With the introduction of a swimming pool, you can now drown your Sim or even make them pee in it. This will, of course, annoy other Sims. The swimming pools were added in a free Sims 4 update. If the feature is not showing yet, you have to open your account so that the feature can automatically download to the installation location.

The Sims 4 producer, Ryan Vaughan, has created a quick guide on the various things players can do with the pools. The pool, just like the game’s creators thought, would be something that would kill Sims. This added to the list of all the methods that can kill a Sim. If a Sim is stuck in a pool, they will not be able to call out for help. They will then start turning complexion – from green to yellow, and then they finally die for lack of air. Once they have died, they will become ghosts and then have special powers.

What You Can Do Near the Pool

The Sims are able to exercise, decorate and socialize near the pool. They can also sit around the pool, which they previously could not. There was also an addition of a mischievous element to the game – the ability to irritate other Sims by peeing inside the swimming pool.

In The Sims 4, you can customize your swimming pool according to your taste. You can use new curves and angles while customizing the pool. So far, players seem to be excited about this new feature. There are some that are worried that this only adds to the many different ways their Sims could die.

Placement of the Pool

Unlike it was in The Sims 3, swimming pools in The Sims 4 are not some subterranean fixture. Players now have the freedom to place the pools wherever they dim fit. You can even place the pool on top of your building. You also have the option of having pools in all floors of your house and include windows at the side, which creates an infinity pool. You can also adjust the pool’s depth by changing the surrounding wall’s height.

That is not all – you can also build walls around the pools and decorate the area surrounding the pool area. You have the option of placing glass around the pool or create a landscape garden near the pool.

According to Vaughan, Electronic Arts (EA) will launch new careers for all the Sims to try out. A Sim will have the ability to choose between two different career paths. One of the two paths is Athletics, with professional athletes and bodybuilder options. The second career path is business with management and investor. This is bound to make the game more interesting to play.

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