The Sims 4 Is Coming to E3, Release Date Expected

After what seems like a hiatus, it looks like EA and Maxis are gearing up to present themselves in a grand manner during the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2014.

The executive producer of the game, Rachel Franklin confirmed that The Sims 4 is all set to make its way to the show floor and there will be plenty of new things to look forward to. Even though she didn’t reveal whether there would be a release date announcement, you can comfortably assume that there’s no better place to talk about than E3 that is one of the biggest gaming expo around the globe. The first leak came from a European magazine that talked about doing a cover story on Sims in the month of July but everyone assumed that with E3 taking place in June, there should be some sort of announcement. It was pure speculation so far until the producer came out of the shadows and made a formal announcement.

Get Ready for E3

Going by this news, it looks like the survey that some fans came across from EA is legit and all the expansion packs suggested in the columns may find their way into the game eventually. She made the announcement of her Twitter feed and all it read was that the Sims 4 will be at E3 2014. There was no more additional information to it even though fans continued to ask more questions with regards to the game. Everyone was eager to know about this game that is under development for a long time now. The franchise is one of the most successful in video game history and with the new next gen consoles ready now, it is expected to go places once it gets officially launched.

Lots to Share, Says Producer

When eager fans asked Rachel of what they could expect on the show floor, the game producer carefully treaded the question but she did answer in a different way. For all the queries that smothered her, she replied saying that they have so much to show during the event and it will be a treat for The Sims 4 fans. Some of the players have already brought up the question on the concept of always online that EA used with Sim City. It was a disaster for the company because the game went down due to server issues and everyone who purchased it was unable to play it on release date. The event changed their strategy and the company recently released an offline version of the game.

If they decide to implement such ideas for The Sims 4, it will definitely be a recipe for disaster. Besides, the survey related to the game was already talking about an annual premium subscription that might cost $100. Every expansion pack released within the year will be made available to those who subscribe, which is expected to reduce the cost spent on downloadable content. Some of the expansion packs revealed in the survey include a magic Harry Potter themed world, pets, weather, university among plenty others.

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