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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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The Sims 4 is Coming to Mac, Release Date Unconfirmed

The Sims 4 is Coming to Mac, Release Date Unconfirmed By – Oct 27, 2014 10 5 SHARE

However, you would like to argue, it is a known fact that Apple’s Mac is not the best gaming platform.

Developers never have the urge to release their titles on this, because it is always associated with work, while the versatile Windows operating system is where all the games lie. It was promised that after launching The Sims 4 on PC, the developers at Maxis would work with Electronic Arts to bring it to the Mac. There was no news on when it will get released, but after much anticipation and plenty of rumors, we now have a solid confirmation from the developer team.

Twitter News

Executive producer Rachel Franklin of The Sims 4 team in a recent Twitter tweet said, “We definitely know that our fans on the Mac platform are eager to play the game. We are already working on the same to bring it to them. Soon, there will be plenty more news to share and we will be bringing you the news right here for you all”.

With the assurance coming from the producer, it is now confirmed that players on Mac can look forward to play the game. The title since its release has got only mediocre reviews yet it is on the good side because there were no sims game for so long and one definitely needs a game that would justify the next gen consoles. It has some unique features such as the Create A Sim, the new build mode where you could simply drag your mouse to construct your dream house apart from multiple free DLC packs scheduled to get released.

New Content

Maxis has already revealed the Star Wars costume pack for The Sims 4 which will let you dress up as Darth Vader, Skywalker Anakin, Yoda and other characters. The ghosts’ additional pack gives you the ability to live even after your death. It lets you get special powers, interact with other humans to befriend them or love them and even form a career of your own. It is a Halloween special pack and there are two more scheduled for the month of November as well as December. The additional packs will introduce swimming pools and a new career mode that lets you sim become whatever they wish to be. For the Mac version, we expect all these bundles to be rolled up together and deliver in one complete pack but it’s based on when it is going to actually get released.


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  • 0484

    We MAC users probably have to paid for the Updates as well.

  • Kaya Mai Carradice

    Why do WE have to wait, why could EA release them both at the same time. Its like there saying that mac users don’t even deserve it! Its just sickening!

  • Taneisha Natalia White

    i already own the sims 4 and it kind of sucked because i always play sims 3 on my iMac which is definitely more powerful than a pc laptop (which most people prefer over desktops) so its not a power issue. my pc laptop isn’t powerful enough for the game after playing on it for a year its battery life is terrible esp when playing sims 3 so sims 4 was like overload for it. I’m happy that they are going to make it for make soon because im buying a macbook in january. im a graphic designer and I’m not downgrading to a pc to play a game. so they need to hurry up cuz i already bought the game and my hp won’t let me play for more than 20 mins without over heating or shutting off completely

  • Melanie Nicole Sanchez

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    cheap price. They will provide the keys instantly. I regularly buy games

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