The Sims 4 – Is It Good To Push Premium Content Before Release Date?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will be quite familiar with the concept of in-apps transactions and premium DLC packs that has been plaguing games for now. There was a time when people used to pay for a title and purchased it. Then came the era when developers wanted to get paid more when they spent time in developing new maps, levels and single player campaigns. The premium content and downloadable stuff was introduced but the credit goes to EA for making it a mandatory affair for all their titles. At the moment, the iOS and Android app stores are filled with so many free games that hardly offer anything but will ask you to pay a dollar every time you want to move on to a new level.

Paid DLCs Confirmed

The culture is about to continue with The Sims 4 because EA has confirmed in a survey that they might introduce a premium annual subscription. The price for the pack is approximately pegged at $100 which if the player chooses to play will give them access to all the new content, skins, DLCs and expansion packs released within the year. The question is that whether the company will actually release them all at once or try to postpone them by limiting the number of content released in the year is yet to be known. From a consumer’s perspective, they will pay the money upfront for upcoming content similar to how they have already been doing with the Battlefield 4 title. It will be rolled out periodically throughout the year.

Is It Justified Pricing?

Some of the players assume that it will be good to introduce such an annual plan because the money they spend on expansion packs for The Sims 4 will usually be higher than $100. The assumption can be justified only if the company plays a fair game and releases all the extra content within the year as usual. If they simply try to extend it so that users will be forced to pay another hundred bucks, then the price of the game goes to over $260 or so which is the most insane price that one could pay for a single title. Another EA published game Battlefield 4 already charges $120 for the base game and the premium subscription but the Sims franchise could easily overtake this price if they choose to implement this annual subscription plan.

The survey, which was rolled out even before an exact release date was specified by the publisher or developer Maxis reveals that they were eager to make money out of the title in a hasty manner. While this can be considered as a way to test waters before they decide to implement updates, it is not the best for the gaming industry. Recently, a mobile title named Dungeon Keepers was hugely criticized for pushing the in-game transactions to the wildest possible levels and to extract money from the player. If Electronic Arts doesn’t do such things, it will keep the franchise alive and players happy.

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