The Sims 4 – It is All About Eye Catching Graphics and Features

Finally, The Sims 4 game was launched a few weeks ago.

While the game was expected to be received with excitement, it faced a lot of complains, because it lacked some features that were present in all the other versions. The exclusions of these features was not a great move by the developers, since the players came back to this game, mainly because they enjoyed the features, and they expected more in The Sims 4 version.

The creators of Sims 4 came out and promised to include the excluded features in an update, which would be released at a later date. Recently, the company has made amends by releasing a range of new game contents which seemed to appease the fans. The developers recently outlined other upcoming releases that confirmed that new content would be available for The Sims 4. Therefore, anyone who has the game will be in for a great surprise soon.

Even after the trouble the game experienced, because of the absence of some great features, it has eventually managed to win the hearts of most gamers.

What Makes the Sims 4 a Great Game? 

Ability to Create a Sim

This is one of the features that have made The Sims 4 a great game and a favorite among many. The Create a Sim System (CAS) allows players to create Sims accurately, and to personalize them. It is now possible for a player to create a Sim that looks exactly like them or any other person. It is possible to change features that do not please you by using simple mouse drags and clicks. Also, the game comes with preset characters for players who do not wish to customize their Sims. However, using the CAS feature is a great way to bringing real life experiences to this game.

The Building Mode

The build mode in The Sims 4 is better and easier to use than in the other versions. With this feature, it is possible to edit features in the house that are not pleasing during construction or buying time. The player can choose to adjust the location of the hand rails, wall heights and also the type of roofing. It is all up to the player to design and decorate the house in a manner that best suits them. It is also possible to choose a pre-furnished house if a player does not feel like decorating an entire house. It is possible to move whole rooms to be able to adjust walls and room sizes. This is a way of making the game quicker and more enjoyable.

The Gallery

Once you have created your dream home and your dream Sim, it is possible to share it with the world. The game comes with a gallery feature that makes sharing possible within the Sims community. You can also find other things posted by other players.

Sims Have Emotions

The introduction of emotions for the Sims in The Sims 4 was one of the major developments in this new version. It is now possible for the Sims to experience real life emotions such as focused, happy, sad, motivated, inspired and flirty among others. These emotions affect how the Sims interact with other Sims.

All these features have taken the game to a whole new level.


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