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Friday, April 3, 2015

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The Sims 4 Lets You Become the Cooking Master You Aspire to…

The Sims 4 Lets You Become the Cooking Master You Aspire to Be By – Dec 18, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Did you know that the Sims 4 has an extensive and elaborate section dedicated solely to enhancing your cooking skills?

The Sims is all about allowing people to live their dreams and be anyone they wish to be in the virtual world. With every franchise, the developers at Maxis have continued to expand the horizons and allow players to take up any career as they wish.

Now, cooking is a part of it than it has ever been. You could be an aspiring chef, a guy or girl who loves the fascinating world of foods or simply find yourself attracted to those exciting recipes. You can explore them all now with the comfort of your desk and live an alternate life with the best skills of a chef.

Choose your Traits Wisely

In case, you have already created and progressed with a character, it may not be possible to change them all now. However, you can create a new Sim to take part in your cookery fascination. When creating one in the Sims 4, make sure to give your avatar the foodie trait.

It will help open up a brand new cooking show on television which is exclusive to only those who have chosen this trait. There’s also the genius trait which would not only help in all types of career but also in cooking where your Sim will have a strong focus on the task while making food items that help result in amazing discoveries.

Aspirations and Skills

The world created in the Sims 4 is really large and every choice you make will determine the success of your virtual avatar besides his or her cooking skills. Master Chef Aspiration would take you to great places both in your personal life and as a career option while it will unlock some special achievements to look into.

The awards include fresh chef as well as essence of flavor which would help improve the quality of the food stuff that you cook. Choosing gardening helps because growing your own high quality vegetables and fruits play a vital role in creating high quality recipes. Similarly, changing the mood of your Sims helps achieve new recipes based on how serious or playful they are at the moment.

The Sims 4 allows you to make more simoleons by selling them to local stores. And, did you know at level ten of gourmet cooking that you would unlock ambrosia, a dish that would bring ghosts to life? Sounds exciting right? Why not try it right away?


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