The Sims 4 – Upcoming New Changes and the November Update

Compared to the earlier game in the franchise, you will find that developers Maxis have changed many things in The Sims 4 in order to enhance the game play experience and offer a sophisticated title for their eager fans.

When they decided to remove swimming pools from the game on launch day, it was a disaster, as many fans were really annoyed over this decision.

However, in order to please them all and allow you to finally drown your sims in the swimming pools, Maxis has decided to bring it back with the November update. It is one of the important upcoming new changes that you will witness in the coming month. They have already launched the October update that introduced new ghosts. If your sim dies, he or she can be resurrected as a ghost and they will continue to lead a normal life with special powers.

Changes in the Neighborhood

The Sims 4 introduces new changes in the place where you live. Instead of having large ones, the developers have split them into four to five smaller regions to explore. Each one of them is independent from one another and has its own areas to survive. You will find that there will be a central park for the sims to hang out, a residential as well as business area which you could choose between, based on your needs. In case, you are planning on getting a job, the business neighborhood is the place to go. The Sims 4 is much better when it comes to allowing you to travel to new areas because there is a separate loading time for each one of them which loads all the content, the buildings and other stuff so you could explore with freedom. The wait time is irritating though it is worth the wait.

New Skills

In the new game, there are plenty of skills to acquire especially the ability to catch a fish, collect seeds so that you could plant them back in your home and also handle new musical equipment. The Sims 4 allows you avatar to play guitar, violin and even a mixology. They have new career skills to acquire and you can now become a video game developer, rocket science expert or just get into mischief as your full time job. The romantic relationship is much more real and you really have to work a lot to woo the girl while keeping her mood stable.

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