The Sims 4 – Your Strategy Guide to Relationship with Ghosts

With the newly released ghosts update, the Sims 4 just got even better and instead of simply romancing with real people, you now have the option to talk to ghosts.

Maybe, it may not happen literally but the new additional content brings something new to the table where players have the option to interact with a non-playable character which is actually the ghost of a dead sim. It is not that tough to find these spooky and pesky ghosts which lurk around the tombstone where they were buried. You will also be able to find them in the home they lived in, their backyard or the urn in which their final ashes are being kept. That’s as close to reality as you can get.

Building Relationships

By default, the ghosts in the Sims 4 are not playable but you can use your Sim to establish a strong bond with these dead floating creatures. Once close, you can invite them to your own household and they will then become playable. It sounds silly but once ghosts become playable, you can use them to find a career option, go to a job, find a girl or guy to marry and even get kids like any living sim would do. But, the undead should have some special abilities right? There is because these dead sims have special powers which you can make use of whenever you need them or sometimes they act by their own ghostly instincts.

Ghost’s Changing Mood

Just like an annoyed girlfriend who’s angry for missing an important occasion, ghosts can randomly change their mood and behave silly at the most unexpected moment. They will have special characters which are strongly based on how they used to be when alive and the way they died. A brutal death will definitely create an angry ghost which will keep on seeking revenge and will have a hostile attitude towards other sims. If a ghost is friendly, it would even water your plants and help you build your garden.

Your playing style in the Sims 4 will also determine the mood of the ghost you are with. They are much quicker when it comes to household work and can easily assist you in most jobs. The ghosts can also act as a maid to tidy up your home and so on. Get rid of them by interacting with the urn they came from or visit the tombstone. You can also choose to bring them back to life if you miss them too much.


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