Top Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is a Better Option Than iPad Mini 3

Apple unveiled the iPad Mini 3 few weeks ago, proclaiming it is the cheapest iPad produced ever and that it offers best value for the money.

Well, unless you are willing to pay the price for the name Apple, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is a much better option for a budget – middle class tablet. Here is why for a price of $299, you should opt for the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

Tab 4 Nook Has a Bigger Screen

With a screen size of 10.1 inches, the Nook offers bigger display. For those who use their tablet for book reading, browsing internet websites and games, the bigger screen is a huge advantage.

Arguably Access to More Applications

Usually, tablets have access either to iTunes (App Store) or Play Store. While it is hard to compare which application store offers apps, the Nook comes with an added bonus. The device, which is sponsored by Barnes and Noble, also has access to the Nook App store. The tablet comes with free content from the store, which includes TV shows, magazines, books and much more. The free content users get is valued at approximately $200.

Support for External Memory

While the basic version of the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook offers just 8 GB of built in memory, the tablet does support a microSD card. That offers a lot more flexibility, since users do not need to pay a lot for a device with 128 GB memory space.

Faster CPU

The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is powered by a quad core processor, clocked at 1.2 GHz. On the other hand, the iPad Mini 3 still operates on an old A7 chipset from Apple, which is a dual core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. Two extra cores can make a huge difference.

Where Does the Tab 4 Nook Fail?

While there are advantages, the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook also has some disadvantages compared to the iPad Mini 3. The main disadvantage is in the camera section, where the Nook finally got a camera, but it is a lowly 3-MP sensor on the back of the device. Not that the iPad Mini 3 has some powerful shooter, but it is a 5-MP camera after all.

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