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Friday, January 23, 2015

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Uncharted 4: A Longer Wait than Expected

Uncharted 4: A Longer Wait than Expected By – Nov 19, 2014 0 1 SHARE

Uncharted 4, which most probably will be an exclusive title for PS4, is going to get a little more delayed than we anticipated.

It seems that the game would not be released in the summer of 2015, as planned. Instead, it would now be releasing in the fall. In addition to this new development, it seems that the game plot is all set to receive an entirely new twist as well. If the rumors are true, you may get to play different periods in the game, according to your choice of game mode.

Is This Nathan’s End?

The title of the game is ‘A Thief’s End’ and Sony has finally revealed that this is indeed the thief’s end. Nathan Drake will not be surfacing in any other titles, if the company does decide to make more sequels of Uncharted. So if you have been a fan of the protagonist, this may be a good time to prepare for his farewell. Naughty Dog is all set to take on new characters and perhaps new stories. The title may or may not see its end. We might know more about that as the events unfold.

What to Expect From the Game?

Christophe Balestra, Naughty Dog’s Co-president has suggested that the launch of PS4 may be a game changer for the title. With the new hardware and its next gen capabilities, the entire gaming gamut may be taken to a whole new level. Naughty Dog is excited and so are the fans. Technically, the game will come out looking much better than its predecessors. Since the hardware is much better, the development team is planning to go all out and try new things that they haven’t ever tried before. The team has already worked on The Last Of Us Remastered, and they are excited to put, whatever they learned there, into action with Uncharted 4.

Player Wish list

As the game developers continue working their way through the game, fans are creating their own wish lists. They would like much more puzzle elements in the game and expect the puzzles to be more complicated and harder than ever before. There is a consistent demand for a change in the storyline. Now that Naughty Dog has been associated with The Last of Us, it is only understandable that the players want more action on those lines. In the past games, Nathan has had some great free running stints, so players are also speculating if this one would be a completely free running game. If it is, then they are not complaining. More parkour moves, jumping on top of tall buildings and doing a lot more than before would be nice too.

So What Is Naughty Dog Offering

Though the internet is rife with rumors on the game, it seems that the developers are not going to say much about them. It is now certain that the release of the game will be delayed, and there is a possibility of a whole lot of changes in the story and game mechanics. To know more than this, stay tuned and we will keep updating you.


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    Why don’t you put out an article when you have real information. Everyday these websites put out this “news” about fallout or uncharted or whatever and it’s just recycled speculation.

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