Use Google Maps to Travel through Time – Find Out How

If you are using Google Chrome, or if you have a smartphone or a tablet computer, maybe you should try using Google Maps.

Let it give you an experience like you have never had before. Google Maps is able to provide various geographic information, including directions, businesses, intersections, addresses, transit and bicycle routes, and even visualized traffic information. Google Maps will take you to wherever you would like to travel. The whole world is just a click away. You can virtually visit any place that you want to go to. All this without leaving the comforts of your own home.

Google Maps not only provides you with information on how to get to certain destinations, but also acquaints you with everything you will need to know about the place. Search for a place that interests you, then using the street view images, you can make a virtual trip without a passport or airplane tickets.

Take a Trip in Time

Wouldn’t it be cool to watch the past seven years of change in the billboard advertising in the New York Time Square? How about photos of a Japanese city Tohoku, before and after the massive earthquake that hit the city in the month of March in 2011, trigerring a Tsunami? You can see all that with Google Maps on your device.

With the digital time capsules added to Google Maps, you can even take a peep at the slow but steady improvements in the neighborhoods of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. This is a digital mirror that projects into the past. The more you search places, the smaller the world you are living in becomes. But Google Maps makes your experience richer. You get to see and know the world much better than when you just travel now and see how the world is today.

How to Use Google Maps

You can use Google Maps either on your web browser or on your smartphone. Open Google Maps. Click and hold your mouse, then drag the map. If you want to move four directions, use the arrow keys. Also, you can zoom in and out using the mouse scroll, your touchpad, or the + and – buttons on the map. Double-click for centering or zooming in on a specific location. Memory lane snapshots, as a part of the “Street View” in Google Maps, are also available now. They are currently attracting well over 1 billion visitors a month.

Click on Google Maps to embark upon your own time travel all over the world.

What to Expect from the App

This newly attached feature enables you to take a look at how landmarks and places looked like, in the last 7-year period. The photos were taken after 2007, while some places have not yet been updated.

It produces street-level pictures taken from camera-toting cars. Those pictures are stored into the digital time capsules for collective updates.

It also tends to show several photos of the main cities than suburban or rural streets. A few countries such as Germany or Switzerland have placed restrictions on past images of Google Maps. So, there are certain places that will not have very detailed images.

Click on a clock shown in the left side of Google Maps. This will lead you to a portal to various time pe-riods. Those pictures include people of the time, so that for those who are related to those who ap-peared in Google Maps will be remembered by the surviving family and descendants. Those who prefer to remain private, but appear in the Google Maps, however, can contact Google Maps to prevent their images from being exposed to the public.

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