Using WhatsApp on a Desktop, Laptop – Step by Step Guide, Pros and Cons

One major limitation associated with using WhatsApp is its unavailability for use on PCs – it’s restricted to mobile phones only.

This means that you can’t use WhatsApp when you aren’t carrying your phone.

Well, users of WhatsApp don’t have to worry anymore as there is a way of enjoying the services of this amazing app on a PC and avoid the aspect of having to check your phone every now and then for messages.

Why Run WhatsApp on a PC

There are many reasons that users might have, for running WhatsApp on a PC. Among them is avoiding the distraction associated with frequent checking of phones while working, inconvenience involved when users have to switch from their PCs to their phones, just to check or send a quick message or in case of a lost phone, where users might want a way with which to quickly notify friends. Regardless of your reasons, you can run not just WhatsApp, but literally any other Android app on your PC. In order to know how, please keep reading.


  1. The first thing you need is to download an Android emulator app to your PC, preferably Bluestacks App Player; however, any other emulator should do the trick as well. A mobile phone for verifying the WhatsApp account is also needed.
  2. Install the downloaded file. During the installation process, the emulator will ask for access to App Store and App Notifications. You are free to uncheck these options while installing.
  3. The installation should take a few minutes. To finalize the process, Bluestacks runs in full window mode. You need to run it in a windowed mode in order to easily complete the next steps. To do this, click on the diagonal line icon located on the upper right hand side of your screen.
  4. With the emulator still running, download WhatsApp apk file.
  5. Install the downloaded apk file on your PC. It installs itself automatically in the Bluestacks App Player.
  6. In the emulator, a grid with all apps installed will pop up. From the grid, locate WhatsApp and launch it.
  7. Enter your registered phone number and verify it.
  8. Wait for at least 5 minutes during which WhatsApp will try (and fail) to automatically proceed with the SMS verification process.
  9. After the 5 minutes have expired, WhatsApp will provide you with another verification method – using the voice feature. Click on Call me.
  10. You’ll receive a phone call that you need to answer and from it, you’ll get a 6-digit verification code that is spoken to you in the loop.
  11. Enter this code in WhatsApp (which is still running in the emulator – Bluestacks) and all will be set.
  12. To add contacts to your PC version of WhatsApp, simply click on the icon with three dots located at the top right. Click on the “Contact” icon at the top right corner, next to the search box.

Users must be warned that their existing contacts on WhatsApp will not be automatically transferred to their PC contacts. You’ll have to again save your WhatsApp contacts afresh. In addition, these contacts you add to your PC will not pop up on other devices you use, since they are saved locally. Furthermore, any information regarding groups you are affiliated to will not automatically show up on your PC. You’ll have to ask the admin of the group to re-add you to the group.

Limitations of Using WhatsApp on your PC

Almost every aspect has its downside. This is no different as with the case of using WhatsApp on PCs. If you are looking to use this app simultaneously on your phone and PC, then you are not a lucky one. This is because it is only possible to associate one device with one phone number at a given time. The meaning of this is that when using WhatsApp on your PC, your phone will stop receiving any messages.

Another flipside of using this app on your desktop is that you can’t instantly switch to your mobile device. This is so because between any two successive verification attempts, WhatsApp imposes a delay of 20 minutes. In addition, users ought to keep in mind that the more verification attempts they make on a day, the more the delay increases, thus making multiple attempts will only elongate the delay.

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