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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Viber: 10 Reasons To Download It Immediately

Viber: 10 Reasons To Download It Immediately By – Nov 10, 2014 1 0 SHARE

Every application that succeeds another should have something new to offer.

This has led to competition that is fiercer than ever in the world of ‘communication apps’. Viber may look like any other chat application but the features it is equipped with will compel you to reconsider which app you give the top position to.

Ever since its launch in 2010, Viber has continuously evolved and has gathered a registered user base of over 200 million across the globe. The popularity of this app is not unfounded; instead it has several reasons behind it, most attractive of them being the ability to make free voice calls anywhere in the world.

Here are top 10 reasons that have made Viber a favorite app of millions of users:

1. It is the best alternative for SMS

Messaging is an integral part of our social lives and its avoidance is just not possible at this stage. SMS or Short Message Service witnessed a huge slowdown with the arrival of instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and others. People kept away from SMS because it burnt a big hole in the pocket when it was time to pay bills.

Viber provides much more than the ability to send simple messages unlike the old and humble SMS which could not afford anything more than a few smileys. Viber allows the use of stickers and also enables you to send multimedia files. Viber relies hugely on stickers to generate revenue and provides them in various price brackets. Viber does not need anything other than an internet connection through the network hence the messages are absolutely free of cost.

2. Allows Free Calls

While messaging may be a big revenue source for telecom companies, calling is still the main source of earnings. Bills start escalating mainly with international calls. Viber comes to rescue in such cases by providing you the ability to cut costs by calling anywhere in the world for free. All it needs to do so is internet connection of a reasonably good speed. Presently, even the third world countries have sufficiently fast internet speed to allow Viber calls.

3. Supported on Several Platforms

There is no denial that the majority of Viber subscribers are on Android platform but that has not stopped the app from being available on several other platforms as well. Blackberry and Apple users can also download this free to use app from their application stores. To add icing to the cake, Viber is even available for desktop users now. The desktop app has all the features that are available in the mobile app and is equally capable of calling and messaging.

4. Ad Free

Although Viber has been acquired by Rakuten, the Japanese internet giant, it has committed an ad free experience to its users. Viber has continued to generate revenue only from stickers and video calls which is a great respite for those who have got used to the app and cannot discontinue it come what may.

5. No contract needed

Viber does not bind you into a contract with a particular company and you can use this app all over the world till the time you remain within internet connectivity.

6. Sharing your photos and location

Viber not only allows you to share photos already in your gallery or click one instantly and send it, it also enables writing descriptive text underneath each of them. You can send the picture to a number of contacts simultaneously too.

Location sharing is another useful feature in Viber. You can use the GPS of your phone to locate you on the map. Your location will subsequently be sent to your contact through Viber. This feature comes in handy when you are lost in your friend’s town and want him to come and fetch you from where you are.

7. Stay Online when you have no data connection

In order to avoid going offline, you can set WiFi to remain active throughout using Viber. Tap on Navicon-> Settings->General and then tap on WiFi sleep policy to choose the desired setting.

8. Hiding online status and enabling smart notifications

There may be occasions when you do not want to be seen online to avoid your friends from disturbing you, yet keep using the application. In such situations, Viber comes to your rescue by allowing you to disable the online status. It must be kept in mind that it takes 24 hours for the new settings to come into effect.

Another useful feature is the “Smart Notifications”. When you do not wish to receive instant notifications, you can turn this feature ‘On’ to get all the messages at once. All you need to do is go to the chat room, swipe left and tap smart notifications.

9. Switching between conversations

There may be several conversations active at a time on a messaging application. In such situations it becomes hard to keep up with all of them together. Viber solves the issue by allowing you to move from one conversation to the other by a single swipe to the left. All the active conversations are available on the panel. All you need to do is tap on the person you wish to converse with.

10. Doodling on any photo

If you are bored of unedited photos and want to add a touch of artistry to them, Viber is for you. You can ‘doodle’ the images that you have on your phone or the ones that you have received from your contacts to make them more interesting. Tap on Navicon and select “Doodle this photo” to open the editor with numerous options to convert a simple picture into a masterpiece. Once you are done, send them to your friends to win accolades from them.

Viber has rightfully made it to the list of top messaging apps in the world. It stands for a fact that free voice calling feature has been the most instrumental behind the success of this app. However, coupled with all the other fantastic features, Viber should be an app that makes it on to your device, and one that you use all day long.


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