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Thursday, February 5, 2015

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Viber Android and iOS Free Download and Installation Guide

Viber Android and iOS Free Download and Installation Guide By – Jan 23, 2015 194 0 SHARE

Free texting and calling apps are nothing new today. Of course, smartphone users download one option or another for their devices. Viber has proven popular among users time and time again. Nearly 300 million people worldwide are registered with the service, which is an incredible figure. Currently, Android and iOS users alike can find this app available for download. Android users can look in the Google Play Store, and iOS users can check the Apple App Store. Here’s an installation guide for Viber on these platforms:

Step 1: Head to the appropriate app marketplace and find Viber.

For the most part, downloading Viber on an iPhone or Android phone requires an identical process. Smartphone users must first open their app marketplace. Android phones access the Google Play Store, and iPhones utilize the App Store. After opening the marketplace, a given user needs to search for and find Viber’s main page. It’s possible to navigate to Viber’s actual website and find a download link there. Users should make sure that they’re accessing the right app page to avoid downloading a different app.

Step 2: Download and install Viber for iPhone/Android.

Both app stores will require users to hit the Install button and approve permissions for Viber. Within minutes, most devices will download the files for Viber and prepare to install them. The app will automatically install on both iOS and Android OS, so users don’t need to perform any extra inputs here. Even slower Internet or data connections should download the app within a couple minutes. Typically, installation times for devices vary but should only take a few seconds on average. An individual is then ready to get started with Viber.

Step 3: Confirm a phone number and sync contacts.

Fortunately, Viber doesn’t require a registration or login process. Accounts are tied to a smartphone’s actual phone number, which must be verified the first time. Android and iOS users can then sync their phone’s contacts with Viber. From there, users can see whether a contact has downloaded Viber or not. Contacts are automatically synced as they’re added to a device, so members don’t have to manually update this list constantly.

Step 4: Start using Viber

Viber members can call and text their contacts free of charge. Luckily, the app works with smartphone’s existing data plan without extra charges. Photos can be shared across the platform, and location sharing is an added feature, too. Public Chats allow users to connect with better known Viber users, including celebrities and athletes. When an individual uses Viber, they can keep in contact with the people that matter in their lives without spending a fortune.

Viber is available for download right now

Downloading and getting started with Viber requires a few minutes. Since there’s no registration process, an individual can get started immediately. Perhaps no other free platform offers better communication features than Viber. Call quality is excellent, and messages or photos are sent immediately. Plus, the platform works on 3G or 4G data connection and through a regular Internet connection. There’s no need to pay a fortune in order to use the same features on iOS or Android OS.


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