Viber – Download This Free App and Be Carefree with Your Text Messaging

Short text messages were once the best and the most concise way to express yourself and communicate over the phone, especially among teenagers.

Sadly, in those days available options were quite limited. Besides the plain old voice calls, those who were feeling adventurous even had the option of painstakingly uploading and sending a low-resolution image or blurry video. This would also turn out to be a relatively costly affair. Thankfully, those days are now ancient history and in today’s day and age we hold in our pockets smartphones with amazing power. This parallels that of the desktop computers of the previous decade. Having access to all that power and not being able to use it for anything else other than those three basic functions would be such a waste, wouldn’t it?

We’re lucky that there are smart people out there who understand these troubles and have offered easily accessible new solutions. These come in the form of apps, small programs which can be quickly installed onto any mobile phone and vastly extend its functionality by offering exciting new features. One of these apps is Viber. Right after installation, it allows for a superior way of managing all the contacts on the phone but this is only scratching the surface of what this mighty app can do.

Always Something New

One of the really remarkable things about Viber is not only that it is an excellent messaging and calling app. But it constantly improves and adds in new features that will make the whole experience a lot better. For example, just recently, developers released the feature ViberOut, which allows users to make calls to contacts from Viber to mobile phones. This is great for those times of emergency when we can’t get hold of the people we need to talk to because they’re not online on Viber. Another new feature is the addition of new animated stickers and emoticons. Who would want a conversation thread that is so dry, boring, and uninteresting? Now, all of those are a thing of the past because users can send colorful, funny messages with new emoticons.

Cut Yourself Loose of All Strings with Viber

Downloading and installing Viber is completely free and doesn’t require the creation of a separate account to use it. It attaches itself to your existing phone number and uses it as your account name. After installation, you will be notified which of your contacts have Viber installed as well. And since it’s being used by more than 200 million users worldwide, you’re bound to find at least a few of your friends among them. This also means that you will be spared of the laborious task of adding your contacts one by one to Viber. They are all added automatically. This also means that there are no annoying invites that you need to send out to your friends and family to accept.

Now for the best part: calls and text messages between Viber users are completely free, even if it’s an international call! Viber also allows groups of up to 40 people to exchange an unlimited number of text messages and phone calls at no cost whatsoever. However, if the exchange involves a non-Viber contact, normal charges still apply, so be careful.

Experience the New Age of Effortless Communication

Starting up a business was always a problem due to the amount of work required to keep in contact will all the potential partners. This also meant spending countless hours on the phone, negotiating which, in the end, always translated into gut-wrenching amounts due on the phone bill. With Viber, this major obstacle to entrepreneurship is finally removed.

Another group that will benefit enormously from Viber’s functionality are people who travel abroad. They usually always had to leave everyone they loved behind and had little, if any, possibility to contact them, but because of Viber, it’s possible for them to hear their loved ones every day without spending the hard-earned money on international calls.

Even if you’re neither an entrepreneur nor away from your loved ones, I wholeheartedly recommend that you try Viber; you are definitely going to like it. There are more things to see in one day today than ever before in the history of mankind and now with Viber, you can finally share things you love with all the people you care about.

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