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Since the launch of Viber a few years ago, it has rapidly gained popularity and is now the preferred choice for many people.

For this reason, it has become one of the top instant messaging apps in the market today. Like the other applications in the market, Viber makes it possible for users to be able to send messages, make calls and share file for free. The only thing the user needs is a good internet connection to make the best of the service.

Currently, Viber has been ranked second after WhatsApp in the free messaging apps world. However, WhatsApp has two disadvantages that Viber has made the most of. The first one is the fact that WhatsApp only works with mobile phones while Viber has a PC version. The other disadvantage is that the user cannot make phone calls using WhatsApp while it is possible to do so with Viber. For these two reasons, Viber’s growth has escalated over the years. In addition, the developers work relentlessly to make sure that the application is updated with new features thrown in now and then.

Viber on Mobile Phones

Installing Viber on your mobile phone is easy. Follow the steps outlined below:

-Go to the Google Play Store and download the application if you have an Android device or to the iTunes Store if you are an Apple user.

-Once downloaded, run it and press ‘continue’ in order to start the installation of the app

-Allow Viber to synchronize with your phonebook. This way you will get to see a list of people who have the application installed and are in your contacts

-You will then be prompted to enter your mobile number and your country

After you are done, an SMS will be sent to verify that the number you submitted is valid and belongs to you.

Viber’s Latest Features

With the latest version of Viber, users will enjoy several improved features. The voice call has been made better, and users now make HD calls to their friends around the globe. Sharing of emoticons, stickers and location are now easier to accomplish.

For those who enjoy group chats, it is now possible for you to create groups of up to 100 people. When it comes to group chats, Viber is ranked number one as there is no other application offering group chats of such a large number of people.

The terms of storing and sharing messages, photographs and videos have been improved, and the new version also comes with bug fixes. The performance glitches have also been fixed and the sticker menu has been greatly improved.

Improvement in Sticker Market

The sticker market has been improved, and a lot of new stickers have been added. You can now convey your emotions and feelings in a more vivid way.

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