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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Viber for PC Free Download – Top Features That Help You Save…

Viber for PC Free Download – Top Features That Help You Save Time and Money By – Jan 13, 2015 30 0 SHARE

Viber is a messenger that enables the users to make free voice and video calls to other users as well as send and receive instant messages across the same network.

This application came into being about four years ago and it has worked its way to the top of the list as one of the best providers of free VoIP services, other than Skype. There are other players in this industry and they include WeChat, Line, Tango and Hangouts. These apps offer users with some of the best features when it comes to communicating over the web, and Viber is no different from them, when it comes to the mission of these messengers.

Viber lets you talk and text without thinking about phone bills

The good thing with the Viber app is that it lets you text as well as call, without having to worry about the huge phone bills associated with these services, especially the latter. All you need for this to work is a fast internet connection, and a friend or relative who is also using Viber. In this way, you can chat and call for free, for any duration you want, regardless of the location of the recipient of the call or text.

Viber lets users make low-rate calls to non-Viber numbers

Just like with the case of Skype, Viber lets its users make calls to other numbers which are not yet registered to the network. This is a very amazing feature from Viber and it’s still relatively new. With this ViberOut feature, users can make very affordable calls to other non-users of the application, be it a landline or mobile number.

Viber latest update available for PCs

The latest version of Viber can now be installed for free on PCs and not just mobile devices. This update comes along with numerous and amazing features that will ensure all your communication needs are catered for, in the best way possible.

Key features of latest Viber download for PC

The latest PC version of Viber can be installed on PCs without the use of emulators, since this application comes with versions for PCs and mobile devices, something that has helped a lot in augmenting the number of users of the app. Some of the features, the users of the latest version of Viber for PC can get, include, making free calls and sending free text messages to local and global users of Viber, ability to invite friends to start using Viber, unmatched clarity of voice and pictures as well as ensuring a bug-free environment.

Installing Viber for PC

Since this version is available for download on the official Viber website, you can easily download it and install on your PC. However, it is mandatory that the first installation takes place via phone. The app will then sync your phone details of Viber with the PC version and you can start using your application on your PC, just like on your mobile phone.

Viber is a great way you can use, to keep in touch with friends and relatives, especially those in overseas countries. You can save a lot of money by downloading Viber for PC today.


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