Viber is Following the Footsteps of Skype – Find Out What

There’s no question that Skype is very popular and one of the best chat services ever launched and it comes as no surprise that other messaging services want to be on the same page with it – including Viber.

Viber is another chat service available in the iOS and Android devices and it has also gained a lot of attention from smartphone users who use it to contact their loved ones. Viber has its own popular features that Skype doesn’t have; but it didn’t stop them from copying Skype in other services.

Viber has Good Quality Voice Calls

Viber is known for its chat and voice call features and for years, its users use these services to successfully communicate with other people. Many people prefer to call their friends using Viber than other apps because the quality of the voice call is better. Viber also offers other great services like ability to send multimedia and stickers which can be downloaded from the app. You can also make a doodle on a blank page and send that to your loved ones instead.

Rolled Out a New Feature

Even though these features have kept it going for Viber, it didn’t stop the company from aiming to enhance the app’s abilities and services. It can very well compete with Skype on its own but Viber has a different agenda in mind, it seems. Recently, Viber has rolled out a new feature that makes it more in line with Skype than any other chat service. Video calls can now be made through Viber – a feature that has made Skype a household name in the past few years.

How to Make Video Call on Viber

The video call feature on Viber is also free and easy to access. To make a video call, go to the contact list and then select the person you wish to call. Select the “Free Call” option and once the person answered the call, tap the video icon from the list of icons that appeared. As of the moment, there is no direct button or icon for the video call feature; you still need to make a call first before switching to video call. This feature can be further improved if Viber comes up with a separate icon for the video call to save users more time.

In Tune with Skype

With this latest offering, there’s no doubt that Viber is looking to be able to compete more with Skype with the hope that Skype users will soon delete the app and use Viber instead for their video calls. However, just because Viber has the ambition to offer video calling feature, it does not mean that it has already managed to give the kind of quality with Skype. The video call in Viber still needs some tweaks before it can be truly said that it can displace Skype as your favorite chat service but with the way the company is continuing to improve its services, sooner than later, Viber is already on the same page with Skype.

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