Viber – New and Exciting Features You Gotta Check Out

Viber is shaping up as a preferred messenger thanks to its new and improved features that have got users hooked.

Doddle on your Photo

To doddle is to handwrite on the screen. Viber enables you to customize photos by inserting whatever texts you want on them. This is particularly amazing if you want to emphasize a point that you would rather take a photo than write a dry text message. Furthermore, the doddling itself is fun and will entertain not only you but also your friends.

On the flipside, doddling will only be attractive if you are fluent. You must be legible in order for the reader to discern your text. The good thing with doddling is that it gives you a personal touch. It is like a signature.

To try Viber doddle just go to Navicon menu and tap on the doddle. Use rubber to erase undesirable doddles as well as doddle editor to play around with different color mixes on offer. After you doddle, send the edited photo to your friends for them to comment. The likes and dislikes will make you get an objective judgment of your doddle and take your creativity wild.

Video Calls

Viber offers unbelievable chances to roaming users to call friends at absolutely no cost. All the user needs to have is an Android phone or a PC. The VoIP calls are high quality and do not require additional sign-ins like say, Skype. Ensure you update both your Viber and the Android operating system for the most effective calls. Viber app needs to be at least version while Android be at least version 4.0. There is no harm in having a later version.

The move by Viber to ad free video calls is informed by the need to counter competition from Google Hangouts, Skype and other voice service dealers available in the market. Viber is expected to be the magnet of new users because the free international calls capability gives it an edge over the competitors.

Viber Re-Engineered

Viber has been lately redesigned to meet the unique customer needs. Of note is the departure from sloppy interface and adoption of flat interface. There are also new wallpaper collections for the users to sample. This will definitely appeal to the eyes.

Viber in your Language

Apart from the traditional English format, Viber has introduced other programming tongues that will tap into different cultures. These include Bulgarian, Persian and Serbian languages.

We can only expect more Viber downloads and usages in Europe and Asia, and maybe in some other languages.


Viber 5.0

The newest version of Viber does not only offer free calls but also enables the users to add contacts by scanning the special QR codes. This is a convenient way to import contacts given that the existing voice calling service providers use emails to import contacts.


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