Viber – The Answer to WhatsApp is Finally Here

Viber is by no doubt one of the best mobile apps today.

This messenger has a lot of unexplored features that make it one step ahead of other mobile messengers like WhatsApp and Skype. However, in order to fully explore these features and effectively use Viber, there are a number of tips and tricks that users need to know.

Choose the Bad and the Good

Just like every other app, you’ll be able to see a list of Viber contacts imported from your phonebook. However, Viber gives users something more. Users can choose who they want to share their Viber presence with and block those they have no desire to. This is just one of the many security features this app has.

In order to do this, select the profile of the contact you wish to block, open the name on Viber and swipe the screen leftwards. By so doing, a Navicon will appear on the top screen with which users can use to block and unblock that person.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is very important in any person’s life. You can delete particular messages on Viber; for instance, you can delete messages of one person alone with whom you’ve had bad instances. On Viber, this is very simple. Just navigate to the inbox and tap and hold the particular messages you want to delete and a menu will pop up prompting you to delete the messages. Accept and the messages will be gone. Do this for any other particular individual you’d wish to delete your conversations with, out of a personal reason.

Viber Doodle

Just like you can design a Google Doodle, and so can a Viber Doodle. Simply tap on the received photo through Viber share or that photo which you wish to share on Viber. A Navicon button will appear at the top. Tap on it and the ‘Doodle on this photo’ option pops out. You can now manipulate the photo by choosing the effects, brush of painting as well as the design and get a totally different photo from the initial one. This photo can also be shared on Viber for friends to enjoy.

Save on Power

Viber is installed with a feature that allows users to switch off their phone’s lights whenever a Viber message comes in. To notify users of an incoming Viber message, phones will by default spruce up with bright light notifications on the screen that brightens the screensaver. This feature can be deactivated on Viber in order to go green and save battery life. It’s simple, click on the Navicon button and tap on Notifications then uncheck the ‘Light Screen on’ for Message options.

Swiftly Swipe through Messages

After long chats with several people and you want to check out recent texts from one of them while another is still typing, using the switch option on Viber can do the trick. This works in a similar way as pressing Alt + Tab on PCs when you want to browse across multiple windows at once. In Viber, you can do this by visiting one of the chat screens and swiping the screen to the left and or right in order to look at all conversations in progress.

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