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Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Viber: The Best Tips and Tricks for 2014

Viber: The Best Tips and Tricks for 2014 By – Oct 20, 2014 26 0 SHARE

The latest version of Viber recently hit the market and despite it having some bugs that hopefully will be fixed as soon as possible, this new version of Viber is still among the best instant messaging mobile application.

Talking of Viber as one of the best instant messaging mobile app, here are a few tips and tricks of using Viber like a pro.

Install Viber on Two Devices Simultaneously

One of the most amazing features of this new version is the ability to run on two different devices at the same time. This means that users can simultaneously run Viber on phone and PC. In order to do this, both devices need to be installed with Viber and upon installing on the second device; a code will be generated on your primary device. Enter this code and all your devices will be set.

Numerous Free Stickers

Viber’s new version comes with numerous stickers in the sticker market. On the other hand, this instant messaging app also comes with many other free stickers as well. You can download any of these free stickers depending on your choice by simply visiting the sticker market.

Using the PTT Feature

Using the Push To Talk feature makes life with Viber easier. In order to send a message, all that is required is pressing the microphone button located on the right hand side of the conversation. This pops out a new big button labeled “Hold & Talk mode.” If the person you are communicating with has the “Hold & Talk mode” set to ON, all messages will directly be streamed and played on their device. Suppose your partner has not set the “Hold & Talk mode” to ON, a record of these messages will be created and sent to them and they’ll have to access these messages manually.

Customized Background

After using Viber for quite some time, some users may get bored with the default interface or background of their conversations. You don’t have to worry anymore as this can be changed easily by going to Settings > Default background and from here, you can switch to a background of your choice by selecting from the wide variety of Viber backgrounds available on your device. Alternatively, you can use your personalized picture from your device’s gallery as your background rather than use the preinstalled ones from Viber.

Customize your Viber

It is possible to customize Viber with respect to your own preferences. You can set Viber to automatically send free replies to messages sent from any of your Viber contacts. Furthermore, users have the option of seeing when their messages were “seen” by the recipient, the last time their contacts were online as well as the ability to set their device’s Wi-Fi sleep settings, among others.


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Apr 30, 2015

Apr 30, 2015

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