Viber – The Free Download Now on Your Blackberry 10

It is no secret that Viber is a leading communications platform that allows its users to make free high quality calls and send text or multimedia messages for free.

Its latest designed update for iOS 7 was much anticipated and in the offing, but there has been an unexpected twist. Viber has finally launched a stable version of its free calling app for BlackBerry 10. This is the first time that Viber has designed an app specifically for the latest BlackBerry OS.

The BlackBerry App

Though BlackBerry has lost most of its market share, it still has a substantial number of users swearing by its latest BlackBerry 10 software. This is also the first time that BlackBerry users will be able to access some of the best and most popular features of the app. The release of the BlackBerry app comes on the heels of the complete redesign for iOS 7, which will see a cleaner, and flatter looking Viber for the first time. This has been a major week for Viber, with two giant updates that may change the face of the app forever. BlackBerry 10 users can now start one on one, or even group conversations with their contacts. They can make free calls to their contacts, using Viber’s HD quality. They will also be able to send and receive images, emoticons, audio clips, videos, stickers, and text messages. They will now get push notifications on their mobile phone, even when Viber has not been turned on.

What to Expect?

The BlackBerry 10 app is so far the best BlackBerry app that Viber has ever released. Fully loaded with all the features that users of other platforms can enjoy, this app is the most up to date for BlackBerry users. The app has been enhanced using a very powerful set of features that will give the users of both BlackBerry and iOS 7 a great taste of what Viber can really achieve. From now, Viber will be able to send multiple photographs at the same time and will also be able to create separate lists of contacts – those who you text regularly with and those on your unwanted or block list. This makes it much easier for you to manage your contacts, start conversations, and share multimedia files. BlackBerry users will also now be able to use the Viber Out services and would get access to the Sticker Market.

Additional Improvements

Both the apps – the one for iOS 7 and the one for BlackBerry 10, have several other added features. You will now be able to send longer videos to your contacts as Viber can now support heavier multimedia files. You will also get to know the status of your contact when they are typing a text. This will be visible for all users using Viber on their Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Linux and Tablets. The latest version of Viber also comes with several bug fixes to give you the most optimal performance on your app.

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