Viber – The New iOS Design for this Free Download is Out

Every time Apple launches a new version of its iOS, app developers get into frenzy to improve the design and functionality of their apps.

Viber, though a little late in the fray for design improvements to suit the latest iOS 7, has finally decided to unveil its new look. While there would be no major changes for Android users, iOS users should be prepared for a major overhaul. The new version is known as Viber 4.2, and aptly so. It has incorporated some major changes in both its look and feel, and its features.

Viber’s Redesign

Ever since Viber was launched, it has retained its design elements. However, most industry pundits have claimed that Viber needed a redesign desperately to match with some of the newer and more suave looking free calling apps. With this new update, Viber has incorporated the same flat design that the new operating system has forced most apps to use. Viber is no longer an up and comer as it used to be. Its new design shows the maturity that it has attained. There is talk about the new design being facilitated by Rakuten, who has recently acquired the company for $900 million.

The New Look

This new look, though flat, brings much needed energy to Viber. There is much more of white on the Viber screen, than the dull gray that used to dominate it. The call screen is much like iOS 7’s own call screens when a call is going on. In addition to the changed looks, Viber has also decided to add some new features to it. This includes the ability to transfer and send multiple images at the same time. Another important and rather useful feature on this app is the ability to create a list for blocked numbers. This will be a list of people who would not be able to call you, or who you do not want to call. If you use Viber for text messaging, you will now be able to see the typing status of the other party on your smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. You can also send longer video messages through Viber now.

Why the Change?

Viber has not made any major changes to its appearance and usability since the time it was first released. This new redesign not only makes it look more appealing, it also improves the simplicity of use. The flat, clean look of the iOS 7 has been a major inspiration for this new look. Viber developers claim that this has been done to make sure that Viber appears to be a seamless part of the device. Since a lot of people use Viber to communicate with each other every day, it only makes sense for the developers to ensure that they are offering what the users want. The segregation of contacts on the contact list is a huge step towards improved usability. The new iPhone version makes it more fun for all Viber’s users to stay connected with each other.

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